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The content of this template is expected to be fill out for M1 Release Planning Milestone.


Use the "Copy" and "Move" options (available under the ..., top right of this page) to duplicate this template into your project wiki.


Project NameEnter the name of the project
Target Release NameJerma
Project Lifecycle StateSee OPNFV Lifecycle for more information


There are two sub project actively for HDV and SDV in CIRV. For the HDV, there would be an offline tool to be released to support redfish validation . For the SDV, there would be 5 components to be released which are resource modeling, Pre-deploy SV hyperlink, pre-deploy SV config, post deploy SV state and result artifacts. Check the architecture chapter for details.


Provide list of any OPNFV level requirements that are being addressed by the project for this release.  Provide links to requirements documented in RELREQ using the Jira embed tool for Confluence.  If none, enter "none".

RELREQ-4 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RELREQ-5 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Release Artifacts

Indicate the work product (Executable, Source Code, Library, API description, Tool, Documentation, Release Note, etc) for this release.


Format (Container, Compressed File, etc.)


High level architecture diagram

Insert diagram or link.

For HDV: CIRV-HDV(Hardware Delivery Validation)#Architecture

For SDV: Software Delivery Validation#Architecture

Internal Dependencies

List any OPNFV projects on which this release is dependent and describe the dependency.

External Dependencies

Software Delivery Validation#Sources

XTesting - This work will also support integration with X-Testing. The X-Testing's infrastructure software (TestAPI, S3, CI/CD, etc) will be reused.

Test and Verification

The initial test case can be found


Tools: Hardware validation tools.

Test-Plan: validated on HP server.


Tools: Pre-Depoloyment Config, Post-Deployment State:

Test-Plan: The testing will be done against the Airship Deployments - Intel Pod 10/15/17.

Tools: PDF Creation, Resource Modelling.

Test-Plan: No dependency on openstack deployment. Testing will be done as part of the development process. 


List any risks and a plan to mitigate each risk.

Risk DescriptionMitigation Plan

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