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Please add your nomination statements in the table below.  If you see someone you want to nominate already listed, you can add additional information in the "Contribution to OPNFV" column and/or add notes in the "Notes" column.  The second row (highlighted in light blue) is an example....


Contributions to OPNFV


Jane Smith



ABC Institute



Jane did a wonderful job of leading the XYZ project team in preparation for the Danube release and coordinating our activities with the OpenStack community.....



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Jose LausuchEricssonJose took on the role of PTL for Functest, drove Pharos LaaS project, did several demos for OPNFV and many other achievements this past year. Go to person when you have to integrate and test with lab support.+1
Fatih DegirmenciEricssonFatih drove the cross community CI effort including reaching out to upstream communities for collaboration and improved CI with OPNFV. Innovative and always looking for solutions for CI/Release process and Bitfrost is a case in point.+1
Sridhar GaddamRed Hat

Sridhar drove IPv6 effort in upstream communities such as OpenStack and Open Daylight to achieve feature parity of IPv6 in those upstreams. His effort significantly filled in the IPv6 gaps in the past 2 years to ensure that OPNFV Platform is well equipped with IPv6 capabilities since Brahmaputra Release, and has been able to provide end users with add-on IPv6 feature in OPNFV such as Service VM as IPv6 vRouter. His upstream contributions are documented in:

which demonstrated his very impressive work in upstreams. Fundamentally sound in IPv6 working across OPNFV, Openstack and ODL and taking work upstream to resolve the bugs.

Tim RozetRed HatTim is the to-go-to person for "anything APEX" - works with a lot of project teams as well as the test and infra teams. Tim's "let's just get it done" attitude - ignoring politics - is a great success factor for OPNFV overall. Has provided great insights for Scnario and POD descriptors for CI automation work.+1
Juraj LinkesCiscoJuraj drives test and deployment for all scenarios which leverage In addition, he helps with OPNFV lab infrastructure, Functest and test results processing - making him a great example of a cross-project OPNFV contributor. 
Michal CmaradaCiscoMichal is a key contributor to both, the OPNFV FDS project as well as to OpenDaylight (where he contributes to GBP and LISP and leads the VBD project as PTL). He pairs a very friendly and approachable character with technical talent and a "get it done" attitude - and is a great example of cross community work. 
Feng PanRed HatFeng is a great example of a contributor who works across multiple projects and communities (OpenStack - TripleO and networking-vpp, many OPNFV projects, ..), always approachable, always going out of his way to help, while getting the job done in a very short time. 
Serena FengZTE

The testing experience in OPNFV wouldn't be the same without Serena. She is the author and the maintainer of the Test API that the community uses to publish results. The reporting tool chain is in constant improvement.

She is passionate in mentoring college students in internship projects to spread the spirit of an open community.

Cedric OllivierOrangeThanks to his strong software engineering skills, Functest is becoming a high quality software project. He constantly brings his expertise into the project and helping evolve it towards the right direction.+1
Nikolas HermannsEricssonHe is the author of the super-fast verification gate with Apex snapshots. Thanks to this technique we can have feedback for new gerrit patch-sets triggering a virtual deployment and running some test in just a few minutes.+1
Cristina PaunaEneaCristina contributed to the testing frameworks to support ARM based deployments. Armband project is successful and with good results thanks to her efforts.+1
Jack Morgan Intel Jack's effort to drive the infrastructure working group made it a base to provide the necessary resources to make our releases succeed +1
Wenjing Chu Huawei Wenjing helped the dovetail efforts to reach agreements, which needed enormous patience and collaboration skills. Based on these achievements there is hope we can provide the technical inputs for the CVP.Lazer focused on deliverables.+1
Luke HindsRed HatLuke has been a mainstay of OPNFV's security efforts, and this year launched the security scanning project, to check OPNFV builds for known CVEs as part of the CI process 
Daniel FarrellRed HatDaniel has been instrumental in the cross CI project, in particular in linking together the OpenDaylight and OPNFV CI systems 
Chris PriceEricssonChris has continued to show leadership and participation across multiple OPNFV projects after leaving the role of TSC chair, and in particular has played a key role in helping to structure the Dovetail project 

David McBride


Linux FoundationDavid keeps the trains running on time, and has navigated the project through 2 releases this year in a difficult environment. His work in front of and behind the scenes has been impressive. OPNFV releases would not happen without him. He has maintained the descipline it takes to manage the release process.+1
Trevor CooperIntelTrevor is a key element of the community. He has been involved since community day 1. He is involved in vsperf, yardstick. He is also a benevolent and active contributor to the testing and C&C group. He participated to the 3 plugfests, a useful bridge with ETSI NFV teams. Moreover he has always a positive and a conciliatory attitude. 
KubiHuaweiKubi is the PTL of Yardstick. And Yardstick is a key achievement of OPNFV. Vendors recently recognized having integrated the tooling in their validation process. Yardstick is definitively filling a gap on Telco Cloud validation. This was possible thanks to the involvement of his PTL. Kubi is also active in the testing group, he does not hesitate to join late meetings. For Colorado he was one of the leader on the introduction of stress tests and his presence at OPNFV plugfest #3 was highly appreciated by all the participants.+1
Bryan SullivanATT

Bryan is everywhere in OPNFV. He leads projects (Models, Copper, ..), participates to several working groups, is a member of the TSC. He has a key role as Service provider. He contributed actively to the elaboration of the EUAG list of pain points. But he is also a do-er and does not hesitate to share his views on most of the topics that lead to the creation of OPNFV. Hands-on and a great help in steadying the MANO-WG by providing his valued view from Service Provider aspect to steer through and simplifying the goals and deliverable for the partcipating projects.

hongbo tian Huawei Hongbo is leading the dovetail project. Implementing the verification framework is the major part to support the compliancy program from the technical side. This included running the dovetail framework on vendors' platform offerings in OPNFV environment and on plugfest.  
Ryota MibuNECDoctor PTL and active committer of several other projects . A great illustration of why OPNFV makes sense and of an open community. Detect needs, specify/implement upstream, integrate and test in OPNFV + tremendous improvement of the documentation and multiple installers (Apex, Fuel, JOID, Compass). Lead of the development of the Doctor keynote demo presented at the OpenStack Summit Barcelona and OPNFV Summit Berlin Service Provider PoC. 
Carlos GoncalvesNEC

Successful upstream work from OPNFV Doctor to OpenStack Neutron achieving a broad consensus. Key driver of the OPNFV Doctor keynote and demonstration at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona.

Yujun ZhangZTE

Yujun is the QTIP PTL and he leads the project to release after absent in Colorado. QTIP made a wonderful demo in Paris plugfest. He manages to re-active the project and cooperate with several OPNFV projects in testing working group and feature projects. He is also an active contributor in OpenStack projects.

Ulrich KleberHuaweiUlrich is leading the scenarios consolidation for the whole OPNFV which can be considerd as the milstone making the whole OPNFV more efficient. he is chairing the infra goup providing the common support for the whole OPNFV projects and the OPNFV release. A bridge between US and Asiapacific working thorugh EU, and a great organizer.+1
Bin HuAT@TBin Hu is leading the OPNFV technical meeting which is for all new technical issues in OPNFV. and also, he is the IPV6 PTL binging the IPv6 to OPNFV and documenting that for the CVP. He also gave alot of help for the dovetail progress when the dovetail was at the beginning. Must add that the prompt and courteous a great moderator for steering the debate and reporting to TSC.+1
Prakash Ramchandran Huawei Prakash created the MANO working group and is there pushing for better supporting MANO components in OPNFV. This is in response of OPNFV's scope extension and solving end user needs. 
Ray PaikLinux FoundationAssisting the TSC day in day out to keeping track of do's and dont's while travelling and managing events after events to co-ordinate with OPNFV community. Linux Foundation and Marketing. Needs to be recognized. 
zhihui wuZTEThanks to Zhihui's excellent work on Plugfest, QTIP got the opportunity to finish interop test with different installers in OPNFV and receive valuable feedback from vendors. She works across several testing projects and devote herself to connecting them and building a better ecosystem. 
Dave NearyRed HatAn excellent spokesperson for OPNFV. He is go to person for various open source Industry practices starting from how to participate, provide guidance to projects, helping technical and TSC to arrive at conclusions, licensing practices and various soft skills that are hard to find. 
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