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TSC Chair

NameOrganizationNomination Statement

I have been involved in OPNFV since the beginning, and served as Committer-at-Large TSC Member from 2016 -2018, and TSC Member from 2018 – present. I also had the privilege to serve as current TSC Chair since 10/26/2018.

OPNFV has earned our glory in the past. We also have gone through rainy days recently. It was a tough year nonetheless.

However, looking forward, we are having great opportunity and we do see sunshine in the front. Seven new TSC members (including six incumbent and one new) attended CNTT+OPNFV work session this week. There will be a great deal of important work for OPNFV to accomplish in the coming year to address the market needs and benefit our end users and all stakeholders’ business.

I would like to take this opportunity to work with each of you and entire technical community to achieve another success for OPNFV.

Thank you for considering to give me another opportunity to serve you and entire community.

I am looking forward to working with you.


Electing 15 members.

NameOrganizationNominated ByNomination Statement
DellPrakash has been a part of OPNFV since 2016 and has been involved in different projects in OPNFV, including the orchestration and VNF onboarding initiatives.  He has recently translated this experience to working on the Airship Project proposal.  Prakash has a strong understanding of 5G use cases and architecture.  Prakash is on the OpenStack board or directors, and played a major role in the Open Infra Institute day in India, as well as organizing many meetups and user groups.
AT&TBin has been involved in OPNFV since the start, and has done a fantastic job as TSC Chair this past year.  I am confident his passion and technical knowledge will continue to provide OPNFV with strong leadership and direction.

Continued interest in promoting OPNFV lab, StorePerf,  releases and quality  improvements besides direction to take. He was key to wiki migration and still helps several folks on managing the Projects and deliverable. We need to promote him and hence like to nominate him for TSC membership.


Trevor’s many contributions to the TSC over the last year and his membership in the Strategic Planning Committee, SPC, makes this one of the more obvious nominations for the new TSC in 2019.

Trevor’s observations and suggestions as we approach the work of CNTT and GSMA Reference Platforms have been valuable. Trevor has been with us in OPNFV since the beginning, and has fulfilled many leadership roles in Test-WG, Pharos, VSPERF, and others. It’s clear that Trevor’s ideas and solutions have helped us become the Organization we are today, and it’s likely we all want to see him continue.

SuseMark BeierlManuel has been an active member of OPNFV for over three years, having served one term already on the TSC.  His contributions include being the PTL for Service Function Chaining as well as being involved in the edge and Airship projects, and XCI.  With his breadth of experience in different aspects of OPNFV, I believe Manuel will be of great value to the TSC for a second term.
UNH-IOLParker has been involved with the OPNFV LaaS projects for the past several years, and has been the primary developer for the LaaS (Lab as a Service) project.  He's contributed to that work, providing strong leadership and community support. I believe his understanding of working with the various installers and XCI will bring valuable insights to the TSC.

Rex is the current TSC member and PTL of Yardstick project, who has also made great support to OVP and common NFVI (XCI). I believe that he will continue to provide long-standing commitment and great value to both community and TSC.

HuaweiYang (Gabriel) Yu

Dan has been t PTL of Dovetail during the Hunter release, and she has lots of contributions on both OVP and CVC. With Dan's leadership on Dovetail, more products pass OVP NFVi 2018.9 and the new release is on the way.

EneaCristina has been working in OPNFV for several years contributing to FUEL and providing help and support to anyone who required it. She has been a great community player! During last TSC mandate, she was one of the few who tried to change things and had the courage to lead a difficult task of improving, among other things, our best practices. I think her perseverance and her willingness to improve OPNFV is really valuable for us and that's why I think she should continue in the OPNFV TSC.
OrangeBeing a current member of TSC, Cedric has made many contributions to OPNFV over the past years. He has been leading FuncTest project as well as been an active contributor in the Test community. In the past year, Cedric is the most productive contributor to OPNFV according to the consolidated metrics as well as in Code Merge and Code Review categories. He received Hunter Community Award for 3 categories – Code Development, Integration and Testing.
SpirentTrevor CooperSridhar has led VSPERF as well as been an active contributor with the Test community over 3 releases. Sridhar has led the VSPERF team though highly productive phases including collaboration with other test projects and communities, onboarding and mentoring interns and representing OPNFV work at trade shows and conferences. He received a Hunter community award for testing.
AT&TTrevor CooperAl Morton’s contributions since early on have helped guide testing in OPNFV. He has been instrumental in VSPERFs impact including collaboration with ETSI NFV (resulting in ETSI GS NFV TST009 revision in May 2019) as well as development of RFC8204 (2017). Al has vast experience and accumulated wisdom in the communications industry relating to performance, testing and much more. This along with his leadership roles in related specification organizations will be extremely valuable to help guide the OPNFV technical community as we evolve to the next phase of OPNFV.
China MobileFu Qiao has been consistently contributing to ONPFV from its establishment and is a vocal OPNFV ambassador in the industry. She has initiated, led and contributed to multiple projects such as PTL for the High Availability project and Edge Cloud project. She brings an important perspective from Asian carriers in general but also from one of the most progressive telecoms companies with the world's largest mobile network. In addition Fu Qiao’s collaborative style and practical market insights make her an ideal TSC candidate in my opinion.
EricssonGeorg has been an active and valuable contributor in OPNFV since the beginning. For example, lately, he has helped Dovetail progress to a point where we have a great certification tool for OPNFV. As part of the TSC, Georg always provides great and thoughtful opinions that help steer the discussions into the correct direction. Besides, due to his experience, he can be a great asset to have when discussions regarding OVP pop up, and we know they will as LFN expects us to succeed with it.
IntelSunku has been an active contributor to the Barometer project for more than a year and has also contributed to VSPERF. He recently initiated and is leading the Closed Loop Automation working group and has been representing OPNFV work to other communities like ONAP, OpenStack, Kubernetes. Sunku received a ‘Hunter release community leadership/support’ award. I believe that having some new perspectives on the TSC from people who have not previously served would be valuable.
Frank BrocknersCiscoTrevor CooperFrank has been part of the OPNFV TSC since OPNFV’s inception and has helped drive many strategic discussions and critical decisions in the TSC over the years. Frank has also worked with several other LFN projects including, ONAP, OpenDaylight,, and PNDA. As a strong proponent of OPNFV he helps build bridges and stronger ties to other projects and has helped to integrate code and communities (such as with FastDataStacks). He was also part of the LaaS initiative. He has a focus on Cloud Native NFV which IMO is important for evolution of OPNFV. Frank is a Distinguished Engineer in Cisco’s Chief Technology and Architecture Office, driving software and architecture development for software defined devices. As a seasoned veteran in the comms industry as well as with open-source he often raises important issues that may have been missed and asks the tough questions which are really needed.
Panagiotis KaralisIntracom

Panos has been contributing to OVP for 2 releases especially a great deal of work on OVP web portal. Thanks to his wonderful work, we can have the NFVI and VNF portals now.

He also does some work on other OPNFV projects such as Functest and XCI. Now he is working on running OVP test cases on XCI. So he is very familiar with OVP, OPNFV testing projects and deploying.

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