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Election Schedule


TSC proposal for a election schedule  that includes the following milestones:

  • Posting of the Active Contributor List  
  • Review period for the Active Contributor List - Ends  
  • Nomination period for TSC (start/stop)  /  
  • Voting period for TSC nominees (start/stop)  /  
  • Nomination period for TSC Chair (start/stop)   /  
  • Voting period for TSC Chair nominees (start/stop)   /  
  • Nomination period for TSC Vice Chair & SPC rep (start/stop)   /  
  • Voting period for TSC Vice Chair nominees & SPC rep (start/stop)   /  
  • Begin of term  


  1. Hi Jim, thanks for this update. I think this is a very workable calendar, with one exception: the beginning of the new TSC's Term (in November!).

    In 2019, Dave announced the new TSC at the end of July with this message:

    On Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 9:37 PM David McBride <> wrote:

    I'm pleased to announce the results of the TSC election....

    I'm fairly sure that the TSC was seated at the beginning of August, if not sooner, so I see no need to wait till November to seat the New TSC and officers.


  2. Hi Jim,

    Has the "Active Contributor" qualification criteria been updated recently or would we follow similar procedure like 2019?

    There have been few discussions but not clear on what's the final criteria. Since April 15th is not far away, it would be great if the criteria is fixed.

    Could you please share the criteria here?

    1. The eligibility and other elements of the TSC election are spelled out in the document: Community Election Procedure. I just modified this to add the vice-chair and will seek TSC approval ASAP. No changes have been made to the TSC size OR eligibility from last year.