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DescriptionAnteater is OPNFV's security gate scanner. It checks patches for secrets and security risks.


  Anteater is a CI Gate Security system that provides a series of gate verify checks which are centred on preventing sensitive information or possible malicious objects from getting merged into OPNFV repos.

  It also performs cursory checks to verify code files and documentation contain a Licence header.

  Anteater works on whitelists / blacklists that are generated using standard regular expressions, so it is possible to easily extend anteater to verify any content for any nominated string or file type, beyond even security. 

Additional Information:

CI Gate Security (anteater)

Desirable Skills:

  • Python, Jenkins, Documentation (Security expertise not a requirement, just an interest).

Expected Outcome:

  • Help write or development documentation system.
  • Help monitor queue in jenkins of anteater failures.
  • Help add to the regular expressions used to find dangerous strings, secrets etc.



Desired project timeline/completion date:

Ongoing project.

Mentor(s) & contact info:




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