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DescriptionDevelop Bottlenecks web result page instead of using ELK.





This project is to develop Bottlenecks web result page instead of using ELK.

Currently, we only have test result and push that to ELK, and polt the image by using Kibana.

Additional Information:

We find that we have difficult in shown test result.

ELK is too difficult for us to debug, and there is so much job when we develop new testcase.

So we want to find a way to show the test result in a easy way.

This is our frist testcase:

And the second one:

And the next:

So Every test case have different key and value to show.

Desirable Skills:

  • python
  • Graphing
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript rendering of content

Expected Outcome:

  • Web UI for test result(all testcase)
  • A code library which could generate Web UI for new testcase.



Desired project timeline/completion date:

M1: Introduction to you about the requirements of the internship, testing projects, reference code, etc. 2018/8/20

M2: Do some research about how to realize the function. 2018/8/27

M3: Compare the result and get the test case result. 2018/9/10

M4: Coding and finish one testcase. 2018/9/17

M5: Finish all testcase in bottlenecks 2018/10/8

M6: Finish the result web library report and end project 2018/11/01

Mentor(s) & contact info:


  • @cassie



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