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This project aims to include container-networking testing and benchmarking using OPNFV VSPERF.





Note: you may only apply to this internship position if the "Status" field shown above is "Open".  To apply, please follow the Instructions for Students.


In this project, we will focus on container networking with Kubernetes. There are various plugin options that are available to achieve cluster networking, as described here.

Considering various options for container networking, it is important to understand and benchmark the performance of these networking solutions. Today, there exists few works that studies the container networking performance. However, majority of them do no use high-performance traffic generators and analysis tools, or does not run on high-performance servers that are used in NFV.

VSPERF, which provides detailed configuration and control, is ideal project to include testing and benchmarking container networking solution within a single server.

This work will be COMPLIMENTARY to CNCF Testbed activities. 

Additional Information:

VSPERF: Iruya and Beyond

Desirable Skills:

  • Kubernetes and related toolchains (kubectl, kubeadm, kubespray, etc)
  • Networking.
  • Python

Expected Outcome:

  • Automated Container networking "Setup and configuration"
  • Container Networking Benchmarking Methodologies
  • Comparative analysis - Results from Exhaustive testing of various solutions.



Desired project timeline/completion date:

  1. Automated Container networking (CN) setup on a single server with multiple interfaces support. Use of Kubeadm/Kubespray. For multiple interfaces either use DANM or MULTUS - 1 Month
  2. Addition of CN testing logic in VSPERF (VSPERF Team will support in this activity) - 1 Month.
  3. Design of Test methodologies, Test Metrics, and Traffic Patterns - VSPERF Team will support in this activity. This activity will be performed in parallel to the above 2.
  4. Comparative testing, Reporting, Results Generation and Handoff - 1 Month.

Mentor(s) & contact info:


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  1. Hi @Sridhar Rao I am interested in this project. How can I show my proficiency for getting selected as an intern for this project ? 

    1. Hello, Tushar Goel .  Right now the project is still pending TSC review, so it is not open yet.  Please look at Internship-program#program-InstructionsforStudents to see how to apply for this internship once it has been approved, thanks!

  2. Hello, I am interested in this project. I will love to have more links and docs that have considerations about what community is expecting to achieve for CN-benchmarking.

  3. Hello, Sridhar Rao , Al Morton , and Mars Toktonaliev ,I am interested in this project recently I have completed my Google Summer of Code project dealing with Kubernetes. What should be the further steps to proceed with?

  4. Hey is this project available to be taken up ,I like the idea and would like to contribute to it