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DescriptionCreate Unit test suite for Functest project


Functest project is part of OPNFV since the beginning. The project consists in developping and integrating functional test cases for OPNFV. Functest develops its own testcase and framework. This framework includes several utility libraries. These libraries are not covered today by unit testing.

The goal of the intership consists in creating unit test suites on Functest code and integrate it in continuous integration in order to consolidate existing code. The definition of guidelines/rules to generalize the creation of such tests for next developments will be also documented and shared accross Functest project.

Additional Information:

FUNCTEST-557 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Desirable Skills:

  • Python, LAMP, unit test, Jenkins

Expected Outcome:

  • Modules in Functest repository covered by unit tests

  • Guideline on the wiki

  • Unit tests integrated in jenkins

  • Documentation



Desired project timeline/completion date:

Mentor(s) & contact info:



  1. Slides: 
  2. JIRA:
  3. Gerrit Patches:


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