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DescriptionInvestigation of AI within testing scope for Bottlenecks projects





Many artificial intelligence approaches and applications are used to optimize testing resources, predicting system behavior, tuning performance, etc. 

These approaches are used in various processes or phases of testing, quality and reliability engineering in terms of load generation, result pre-processing, automation testing, result analysis, predicting, tuning and report generation, etc.

This internship will need the intern to investigate the applications of AI within testing scope comprehensively and provide report/suggestions of how incorporate AI into testing for Bottlenecks.

Additional Information:

For more informations about Bottlenecks projects, please refer to Bottlenecks and;a=summary.

Desirable Skills:

  • OpenStack
  • Container
  • Linux
  • Algorithm
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Testing
  • Data Processing
  • Ability of Investigation

Expected Outcome:

  • Comprehensive report on AI in testing for Bottlenecks
  • Suggestions of AI in testing for Bottlenecks
  • (Optional) Applications/designs of AI in testing for Bottlenecks



Desired project timeline/completion date:

M1: Introduction to you about the requirements of the internship, testing projects, etc.  

M2: Make up rough tasks.  

M3: Collecting information and summaries the investigation  

M4: Suggestions for testing in Bottlenecks  

M5: Applications/Designs for testing in Bottlenecks  

M6: Finish the detailed report or the demo for internship works  

Mentor(s) & contact info:




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