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DescriptionPerformance CI





The aim of this project is to get Browbeat (  to run in the OPNFV CI via Functest (  and use the performance data gathered to perform predictive analysis of performance using Machine Learning Techniques.

Additional Information:

By getting Browbeat running in OPNFV CI after an Apex deployment, we can get performance test results which can be further harnessed using machine learning techniques to predict performance regressions etc in a preemptive manner

Desirable Skills:

  • Python Programming, Containers, Jenkins,  Machine Learning, System Administration, OpenStack, TripleO-Quickstart (good to know), SDN and NFV basics

Expected Outcome:

  • Get Browbeat to run in OPNFV CI via Functest
  • Store results and perform predictive analysis of results
  • Indentify performance regressions in an automated fashion
  • Integrate additional NFV workloads into browbeat like nfvbench



Desired project timeline/completion date:

October 31st 2018

Mentor(s) & contact info:

  • Sai Sindhur Malleni (
  • Daniel Farrell (
  • Jamo Luhrsen (



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  1. Hi Sai Sindhur Malleni , I'm a little confused about this intern project.

    Since browbeat is a performance tuning and analysis tool, why does it go to run in Functest, which mainly focus on functional test in OPNFV?

    1. While functest is meant for functional testing, it provides the best hook to run tests in the CI. So we will just leverage that feature instead of building from ground up.

  2. Doesn't Yardstick also provide the ability to run tests in the CI pipeline?  I thought both were run on all scenarios/installers.

  3. Yes, Yardstick runs after Functest in the CI pipeline of OPNFV. From the perspective of testing, it's reasonable that performance test goes after functional test passed. Adding browbeat directly into functest CI job may be coupling with the CI resutls of functional test itself. Yardstick focus on performance test and are also open for upstream project like browbeat, so you may also consider leverage Yardstick CI job to make it run.