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DescriptionReference and categorize Open Source VNFs


 OPNFV aims to build an Open Source reference platform for NFV. Such platform deals with Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). vIMS, vCDN, vFW, vEPC, vCPE, vHgW, vRouter, vWhatever are now part of the NFV Landscape. There are several attempts to reference and classify VNFs: in ETSI NFV, through academic initiatives (nfvrg:, in OPNFV ( developped its own atomic VNFs, ....

There are moreover already lots of Open Source initiatives providing such VNFs.

Functest project integrated a Clearwater vIMS since Brahmaputra version.

The internship consists in studying the  different initiatives on VNF referencement, propose classification (category, complexity, links,..).

A practical implementation could be done on a very simple Open Source VNF  in Functest.

Additional Information:

FUNCTEST-237 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Desirable Skills:

  • Networking, Technical documentation, network architecture

Expected Outcome:

  • An updated list of Open Source candidates with metrics (maturity, complexity, orchestration, associated test suite)to evaluate the opportunity to integrate them in test suite
  • VNF Catalogue 



Desired project timeline/completion date:

Mentor(s) & contact info:




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  1. Like to see VNF descriptors  common across a given VNF eg. vEPC so that at top level policies applied  from YAML  file descriptors to orchestrate are easily parsable by different parsers. Similarly like to see standardized Packaging like CSAR