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DescriptionBuild a Pharos Community Lab at CENGN


Approximate Time

Pharos community lab design and diagrams (high-level and low-level Physical/logical).

2   weeks

Install and test hardware (Kontron)

4   weeks

Install (Brahmaputra JOID – nosdn-ha scenario) and test (FUNCTEST)

3   weeks

Establish Jenkins connection and process

2   weeks

Document and update OPNFV Pharos wiki page with diagrams and Pharos repo

2   weeks


  • Additional Information: Pharos Project
  • Desirable Skills: Linux, Networking, SDN, Testing
  • Expected Outcome: Contributions to the project and enhanced skills for the students
  • Difficulty: LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH
  • Desired project timeline/completion date: 3 month project
    • Start Date: April 1, 2016 (actual start March 2016 and 2 Interns working on this project)
    • End Date: June 30, 2016
  • Local Mentor(s) & contact info: Ritch Dusome 613-963-1196 
  • OPNFV Mentor & Contact info: Trevor Cooper and Daniel Smith