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DescriptionCreate a tool for the evaluation of OPNFV Community labs for Pharos compliance

Description: Create a tool for the evaluation of OPNFV Community labs for Pharos compliance. The test tool is intended to be hosted in a pre-packaged container or equivalent (as our test project work) that will perform the following tasks:

  1. Establish connectivity to the Jenkins slave to execute the job
  2. Establish Jump Host connectivity and ability to retreive the test suite and inventory file/s
  3. The test suite wil:
    i) Pull the inventory and configuration files for the pod
    ii) Use the above files to check for host availbitity, nic configuration, and pull the full IPMI query for uploading to the central DB server (LF hosted)
    iii) Using a cirros image or equivalent PXE boot the servers
    iv) SSH to each server an have each node check for internet connectivity
  4. If the above tests pass, return a positive result.  If the tests fail return details of where the test failed.
  5. All activities and configurations performed by the test should be reset once the test is complete
    i) Reboot each node
    iv) uninstall the container
    v) Log completion status

Note that the POD being tested will only be connected to CI for duration of the test and then removed. Only once it is CI compliant will it be allowed to be connected to production (platform) CI permanently.

Success metrics:

  1. There is a test procedure established that is able to be run against pharos labs by Jenkins
  2. The test should:
  3. Return all information retreived from the lab to the Pharos server
  4. Return a positive or negative result to Jenkins based on the execution of the tests
  5. Return the POD to it's original state once complete.

Additional Information: Pharos

Desirable Skills: Linux, Networking, Scripting (ideally also virtualization)

Expected Outcome: A tool that is used by the OPNFV community for verifying compliance of Pharos spec.

DifficultlyLOW / MEDIUM / HIGH

Desired project timeline/completion date: needed for Release C deploy/test (start April – end June 2016)

Mentor(s) & contact info:

Delivered Project: The final project output can be viewed here: Pharos Validator