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DescriptionUpstream authorization driver for OpenDaylight
Difficulty MEDIUM  


OPNFV integrates both OpenStack and SDN controllers like OpenDaylight. The Moon project proposes a security management module to project the whole infrastructure in this Context. In our previous work, an authentication driver has been developed and upstreamed to OpenDaylight which enables the identity federation for OPNFV (between OpenStack and OpenDaylight).

In the roadmap of Moon, a second driver for authorization federation should also be developed and upstreamed to OpenDaylight. The main idea is to delegate OpenDaylight’s authorization to OPNFV/Moon where a set of security policies will be defined.

Additional Information:

This internship will collaboration between the OPNFV/Moon project and OpenDaylight/AAA project. We hope that the new driver will be integrated to the next official release of OpenDaylight. Additional aspects like AD-SAL and token federation in OpenDaylight should also be taken into account.

Desirable Skills:

  • Ability to work and learn with minimal direction

  • Ability to work in upstream open source communities

  • General Linux skills

  • Java/OSGi skills

  • Jenkins or similar CI experience

Expected Outcome:

  • Setup an OpenStack/OpenDaylight Moon scenario by Compass  

  • Specs in OpenDaylight for authorization delegation driver

  • Implementation of the authorization delegation driver

  • Good documentation for everything.



Desired project timeline/completion date:

3 months full-time

Mentor(s) & contact info:

  • Ruan HE (Orange)
  • Thomas Duval (Orange)
  • Justin Chi (Huawei)






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