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DescriptionWeb Portal for OPNFV Test API




TestAPI is used by all the test projects to report results. It is also use to declare projects, test cases and labs. It is defined in Functest developer guide. Currently, TestAPI auto documentation, auto deployment, auto backup are already done. Now it is the time for showing test results more human-oriented, which is leveraging Web Portal.
The internship aims to add web portal for TestAPI. The showcase user got through web portal, will be more human-friendly compared to swagge page. And it is a full-stack task, including both frontend(web) and backend(server) development.
And because authentication and authorization is about to be added in TestAPI, pushing results will become complex, including several steps. So TestAPI plan to provide a testapi-client to facilitate the user pushing results. And it is also included in the internship scope

Success Metrics
  • pod/project/case/result/scenario can be shown via web portal
  • pagination is supported
  • Community results and user results are both supported
  • testapi-client is provided

Additional Information:

Desirable Skills:

  • Python, Jenkins, Web design, AngularJS, Tornado + motor, swagger-ui, openstackid

Expected Outcome:

  • Pod / Project / Scenarios / Test cases / Results can be shown on the web portal
  • Pagination is supported
  • Community results and user results are both supported
  • Testapi-client is provided



Desired project timeline/completion date:

6 months

Mentor(s) & contact info:




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