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Descriptionpdf-ize/html-ize testapi


The testapi is used by all the test projects to report results. It is also use to declare projects, test cases and labs.
A major refactoring has been done in Colorado with the introduction of swagger. The test APi is defined in Functest developer guide.
The purpose of 'pdf-ize or html-ize testapi' is to give an offline view of testapi, so if someone only
wants to have a look at the Restful apis of testapi, he/she does't need to go to the website, and it
needs authentication now.
If time, it would be also possible to consider other testapi evolutions such as adding a token. 
The idea of 'add token to testapi' is to give each valid ci_pod who wants to report its test results
to testapi a token, when testapi receive a pushed result, it will check the validity of the token first, 
if it is a declared token, push the result to DB, or else drop it.

Additional Information:


Desirable Skills:

  • Python, LAMP, unit test, Jenkins

Expected Outcome:

  • Updated testapi framework
  • Documentation on the wiki



Desired project timeline/completion date:

Mentor(s) & contact info:




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