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(Approved by TSC on Feb 19, 2019)

As of 2019, we are implementing a proposal selection process in order to accommodate a limited number of intern positions.  The selection process will proceed in cycles, spread throughout the year, based on a schedule determined by the TSC at the start of the year. The intent is to spread the internship terms throughout the year to align with major release cycles, or other TSC priorities.  For example, if the budget process determines that OPNFV will have 3 interns for the year, the TSC may choose to have two cycles: one cycle beginning in March and selecting one intern; and the second cycle beginning in September and selecting two interns.  This is just an example.  The number of interns and the schedule may vary from year-to-year.

Schedule of Selection Cycles

By the end of January, the TSC will agree to a schedule for selecting internship proposals throughout the year.  This presumes that the number of interns available for the year has already been determined in the budget process.  

The TSC will determine the following:

  • Number of selection cycles.
  • The number of intern proposals to be selected for each selection cycle. The total number of intern proposals scheduled for selection for the year, for all cycles, will be limited by the number interns approved in the budget process.
  • The start date for each selection cycle.

Schedules by Year

Internship Project Proposals

Intern project proposals will be collected throughout the year.  The TSC will establish a proposal submission deadline for each selection cycle.  Proposals may be submitted on the Intern Project Proposals page.  Proposals will have the status of "Pending TSC Review" when first submitted.  Proposals that have "pending" status by the submission deadline will be considered for each selection cycle during the year.  Proposals that have not been selected following the last selection process of the year will be closed, however, the proposal author may re-submit the proposal if they choose.

If an insufficient number of proposals is received, then the TSC may choose to extend the proposal submission deadline.

Selection Cycle

A selection cycle consists of all of the steps necessary to recruit one or more interns.  The duration between steps are suggested.  The TSC may determine that different durations are better suited to the circumstances.

  1. (T0) Start of cycle
    • Email to mailing list reminding projects of the submission deadline for internship proposals.
    • TSC working group selected to review proposals.  The WG may consist of TSC members and LF staff.
  2. (T1 = T0 + 2 w) Submission deadline.
    • TSC WG begins review of proposals.  The WG will produce a ranked list of the proposals submitted to the proposal page by the submission deadline.
  3. (T2 = T1 + 1w) Ranked list delivered to TSC members for review.
    • TSC begins review and discussion of intern proposals.
  4. (T3 = T2 + 1w) TSC selects internship proposals.
    • Status of selected proposals on the proposals page changed to "open".
    • Prospective interns may apply to available projects by following the procedure documented here, under "Instructions for Students".
    • Mentor(s) for selected proposal(s) begin reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates.
  5. (T4 = T3 + 6w) Candidate selected for each proposal.
    • Mentor notifies LF staff
    • LF staff make offer to candidate
  6. (T5 = T4 + 1w (variable)) Intern begins working.

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