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Quick Stats: 

20164 projects completed
2017 (as of Feb. 28)2 projects completed , 6 projects in progress, 1 project looking for intern
  1. Proposal to have a set start period for new internships (e.g. January, April, June/July, and September)
    • Several internship projects started in December and found this to be challenging around the holidays (both for mentors and interns)
    • Quarterly start periods would also help with administrative planning/work 
    • June/July is to accommodate "peak" periods
  2. Most of the projects started in Q4'2017 were for part-time internship
  3. Listing project artifacts on the project pages to show interns' work
  4. Started asking mentors to grade their interns from 1-5 (5 being the best e.g. you'd hire this person full-time)



  1. Interns have made a positive impact on OPNFV (e.g. a new Pharos lab, new tools, seeing patches being merged, answering posts on opnfv-users mailing list, etc.)
  2. No demand/request for part-time internships (e.g. 20 hours/week for 6 months): This maybe challenging for both interns & mentors, and leaning towards eliminating this option.
  3. Most of the intern projects so far took place during the Summer break period in the Northern Hemisphere (e.g. June - August)
  4. A good idea of have multiple mentors from the community for coverage and content expertise: Not surprisingly, a good mentorship is key to a successful internship project.  
  5. Important to have the flexibility to adjust the project scope per intern's background & skill set. 
  6. It would be helpful to have interns participate regularly in project or working group meetings to help them get familiar with projects and the community. 
  7. It would be helpful to have more detailed guidelines/suggestions for the selection process on the wiki (e.g. make it clear that it is mentor's responsibility to make a selection among candidates).  


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