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Emma Foley is stepping down from TSC.

TSC Approval

Approved by the TSC on March 19 2019


All activities end at 5 p.m. Pacific.

March 19 - March 26Nominations
March 27 - April 2Election


IntelEmma FoleyJack has been active in OPNFV since the Brahmaputra release, and has served as Pharos PTL, as well as a term as committer-at-large on the TSC. He has demonstrated great leadership through his work with the Pharos labs (a resource than many project teams have made use of for collaboration, testing and demos), and has recently been re-elected as Pharos PTL. Jack’s enthusiasm for OPNFV and experience working with the community labs would be a great addition to the TSC in helping to promote the community and driving further integration and efficiencies between OPNFV and other LFN projects.

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