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TSC Chair

NameOrganizationNomination Statement
Fu QiaoChina Mobile

I have been engaged in the OPNFV community ever since its establishment since 2014. Over the time, I have been working in multiple projects. I am the PTL for the HA project, and am also engaged in dovetail, yardstick, functest and etc.. I have been dedicated in this community, helping OPNFV reaching its initial goals as a carrier grade NFV platform that meets the End-user’s need.
Our community has done great job in the past few years. We have been gradually matured with our releases, providing fascinating testing tools and cross project integration tools to the industry. We have reached an important point of our community, where we should not only provide matured releases and tools, but should provide matured releases and tools that can be used and executed in the industry.

If elected, I will help to enhance the OPNFV’s role of being the baseline of NFV platform by engaging in the following aspects:

  • Focusing on the CVP program so as to provide the industry with a baseline of compliance testing criteria
  • Promote the usage of installers and testing tools, making sure these outputs been adopted by the industry and help improve the automation of integration
  • Promote the XCI and other related projects, so as to provide the industry with a full cycle integration baseline.
Tapio TallgrenNokiaI started as the TSC Chair in Fall 2016. Since then, OPNFV has gotten both wider and deeper: wider since it now includes a storage project and an ONAP integration project. Deeper since the testing projects have increased their coverage, the C&C program is starting a beta test, and OPNFV is testing OpenStack on a continuous basis. These are of course just examples of the great work that the community has done.

Going forward, the biggest tasks ahead of OPNFV that the TSC has to work on include the conclusion of the C&C technical work, improving the usability of the OPNFV installers, and working together especially the
ONAP community. We need to make OPNFV easy to use for newcomers and experienced users. This requires for example improving the pod and scenario description documents, better documentation, and perhaps enabling virtual deployments. Personally, I have started working in the XCI project and it is great fun to see a little OPNFV cluster running in virtual machines on a single server. This is an experience I would like more people to share.
Tim IrnichEricsson

A long time community member and contributor to OPNFV, my first contributions were in VSPERF, later I became PTL of the SDNVPN networking project and more recently as Ericsson’s TSC representative.  Aside from project contribution I am active in community health and development initiatives such as scenario lifecycle and consolidation, and as a member of the C&C Committee including Dovetail/CVP work.  I am now ready to fully invest my time and effort in working with the TSC to drive the OPNFV community forward.

I believe OPNFV is at a critical point at this moment. We have created a unique baseline for defining open source based NFV, in terms of community, technology and processes. Now is the point in time where we have to start managing our deliverables more actively and start forming consensus around key APIs, behaviors and characteristics, in order to fully live up to the ambitions the project originally set out to. We have to turn our attention from the “how” to the “what”.

If elected to the TSC chair I would focus on facilitating the following topics:

  • Work with the TSC to guide our project through the community coalescence towards the Umbrella project. I am familiar with and well connected to OpenDaylight, and a number of other open source projects, and I want to use this to help position OPNFV optimally in the Umbrella project.
  • OPNFV scenario consolidation and lifecycle management, including related aspects of CI evolution. We need to start coordinating use cases across our reference platforms in order to maintain our ability to deliver.
  • Explore and promote emerging use cases beyond the current data center focused scenarios, e.g. edge virtualization.

Committers-at-Large TSC

(electing 5 members)

NameOrganizationNomination Statement
Bin HuAT&TBin has demonstrated his dedication and leadership to the maturity and success of the community. He has been organizing and leading the weekly technical discussion to review project proposals and other topics, help stakeholders solve issues and other aspects of community. He is the organizer of OPNFV Bay Area User Group and has been promoting OPNFV in various events. Being the PTL of IPv6 project, @Bin has been leading the group to collaborate with sister groups and upstream communities (e.g. OpenStack and ODL) and deliver the results. His leadership, collaboration effort within community, upstream projects, and detailed working knowledge of OPNFV will add great value to TSC.
Cédric OllivierOrangeCédric has been working in OPNFV for 2 years. He got the developer award during the last Summit in Beijing, which was the first time for a Service Provider contributor.  He is one of the main Functest contributors and most of the feature projects know him as he properly packaged their projects to cleanly manage the requirements and dependencies, which is key for the sustainability of OPNFV. 

His strong Debianist background, high Open Source Culture (he is also committer in in OpenStack and OpenDaylight) and his technical skills are very valuable for the community.He contributed to the quality increase of the code (coverage, pylint, docstring, ..), designed lighter and much more flexible docker slicing design based on Alpine and initiated some work on XCI. 

His technical leadership and his vision would clearly benefit OPNFV. 
Cristina PaunaENEA

Cristina is one of the most experienced members of the ARMBand team and has recently taken over the scrum master role for the Enea ARMBand team (which also means she’s the primary representative for the project in the OPNFV release meetings).

Among many contributive efforts to the ARMBand project, the ARM infrastructure in OPNFV and OPNFV in general, her most significant contributions have been in the functest scope. She was the first to get deployment of OPNFV on virtual ARM PODs working, which is an important part of running eg functest on ARM-based Jenkins slaves.


Also,  she has been the ARMBand point of contact in our discussions with the Doctor and Dovetail projects.

Fatih DegirmenciEricssonFatih has done a great work leading, planning, designing and improving the XCI project and he also understands the inter-project requirements across the OPNFV spectrum which I believe is an valuable
skill for a TSC member. Fatih has also done an incredible job of promoting XCI and making it known in OPNFV and in other communities.
Gabriel (Yuyang)HuaweiGabriel is the Bottlenecks PTL, and he is an active member of the Testing working group. He is a leader on the long duration/stress/robustness/resiliency testing activities that will be key in the future.
Georg KunzEricsson

Georg has been working across our community on topics such as a variety of networking areas (netready, gluon, BGP-VPN), use case/scenario enablement and compliance and verification working both in the dovetail team and in conjunction with the OpenStack refstack team. 

Georg is a highly competent & skilled engineer and OPNFV community member who I believe would bring considered technical leadership to the TSC and further help our community address key technologies and work with adjacent communities.

Jose LausuchSUSEJose has done a great job as Functest PTL for Danube and Euphrates. He got a developer award in Beijing and has served as a mentor for the internship program. He's a very active and respected member of the community, he could be a great addition to the TSC.
Kubi (Gaoliang)HuaweiKubi has been a long time project lead at Yardstick until recently and instrumental in bringing Yardstick to where it is today as a pillar of the performance testing projects. He’s also a very active community builder, organized both the first Shanghai and  first Beijing OPNFV meetups and workshop during OPNFV Summit. His experience and perspective will be a big plus for the TSC.
Maryam TahhanIntelMaryam has done marvelous work in the OPNFV and she is the PTL in the Barometer project and previously also in the VSPERF. She has been a great help to the Doctor project by bringing her experience with DPDK and collectd to the project to have better and wider fault metrics. She is open minded and working hard to get things done. Being one of the top committers, she has definitely earned the nomination.
Prakash RamchandranHuawei

Prakash is very well known in OPNFV for with extensive work at MANO WG, leadership and collaborative work style. He worked closely with other OPNFV projects and motivated new developers and helped them succeed in their respective projects/goals. Prakash actively participates and organizes MANO WG weekly meetings and his participation in other projects include but not limited to Auto, Models, Functests and more. His in-depth technical knowledge has helped the community to succeed in every release. Prakash’s technical expertise and experience in NFV, collaboration efforts within the community, knowledge on OPNFV projects, community support and leadership will add great value to TSC.

Serena FengZTESerena has done great work in Functest, Releng and QTIP projects. As an active committer, she is in charge of TestAPI development, which is consumed by more and more projects, from the basic data store to cli, web portal and CI/CD procedure. She is also an active mentor in community, and she has worked with interns in several projects. I believe she has enough skills and capability to be a TSC member.
Tina TsouARM

Tina serves as an Enterprise Architect with ARM, a technical leadership position on the Enterprise Open Source Enablement team. In this highly visible role, Tina analyzes, designs, and implements dynamic strategies to establish first tier status for ARM architecture within open source communities and projects. As a thought leader, Tina forges and maintains strong partnerships with open source communities in support of multiple architectures, while prioritizing requirements for open source enablement in collaboration with Arm key stakeholders and relevant ecosystem partners. 

Tina previously excelled as the Digital Domain Expert for Connectivity at Philips Lighting, where she championed the company’s first NB-IoT solution. She was also employed by Huawei (both in China and the US) for over 16 years as a Technical Lead and Principal Engineer. 

Tina is the Project Technical Lead (PTL) of OPNFV Auto Project, and ONAP VNFSDK Project Manager. She also served as the Chair of Open Source SDN Breckenridge Working Group. She earned the distinction of being the first woman from a Chinese business enterprise to chair an IETF working group. Tina’s community leadership and collaborative spirit will be a great asset to the TSC.

Yujun ZhangZTEYujun has done a great work as QTIP PTL. He has great knowledge of open source community as he has worked in several open source projects before joining in OPNFV. With his leadership, QTIP project not only cooperates with other OPNFV projects but also with OpenStack projects and great success has been achieved.



NameOrganizationNomination Statement
Dave NearyRed HatDave has been an active TSC member since the beginning of OPNFV and has always provided the community with technical and open source guidance.  Dave is also a committer of the dovetail project and member of the C&C committee.
Hongbo TianHuaweiHongbo has been the long time PTL of dovetail dedicating a lot of hard work to help bring Dovetail to near its first launch. He’s also a big contributor to and an organizer of each of the Plugfests. The board can benefit from more voices from the trenches.

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