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OPNFV strives to maintain a meritocratic development environment where all community contributions are welcome and provide value.  Collaborative development through open source is a positive-sum game bringing with it healthy competition as there is more than one way to a address any solution. Conflicting view points may not accommodate everyone’s preferences, but are healthy for driving true innovation.  The purpose of the OPNFV Code of Conduct is to help foster a truly collaborative community environment.

  1. Be open: Participation in the OPNFV Community is open to anyone.
  2. Be transparent: Decisions should be made in a transparent fashion with due-diligence from the community.
  3. Be considerate & professional: If your action can impact others, communicate ahead of time if possible and listen to feedback.  If somehow your actions negatively impact others, do apologize.
  4. Be respectful: Respect agreements/decisions in the community. Disagreements should not lead to personal attacks.   
  5. Be empathetic: Anyone can have a bad day.  Do not assume bad intentions.
  6. This is a worldwide community: We need to respect differences in culture, language, and time zones.    
  7. Step down considerately: When someone leaves or disengages from the project, s/he should make it known and take the proper steps to ensure that others can pick up where they left off.
  8. No one should be afraid of asking questions or making mistakes.  Some may not know how to express themselves or may feel intimidated, and community members should encourage people to simply participate the best they can and people will not be judged.  
  9. This is largely a volunteer workforce in the sense that many of our community members have other demands on their lives. We should strive to create an environment that people will want to work in, as opposed to one that increases daily stress.

Incident Procedure

To report incidents or to appeal reports of incidents, send email to*. Please include any available relevant information, including links to any publicly accessible material relating to the matter. Every effort will be taken to ensure a safe and collegial environment in which to collaborate on matters relating to the OPNFV Project (the "Project"). The Project will work towards an equitable resolution in the event of a misunderstanding, reserving the right to take appropriate actions to protect the community.

*Note: email to this address will go to Heather Kirkseyand David McBride

(Credits: The OPNFV Code of Conduct was heavily influenced by those from other Open Source Communities such as Cloud Foundry, Hyperdedger, OpenStack, Ubuntu and others.)  

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