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Per the community election procedure, PTLs may provide input to the Active Contributor list during the review period.  In particular, PTLs may request that an individual be added to the active contributor list who has not met the threshold requirement, as specified in the community election procedures, yet who is considered to have made significant contributions to the community that merit consideration for nomination to the TSC.


  1. The PTL of an approved OPNFV project may request an update to the active contributor list by sending an email to the opnfv-tsc mailing list with the name of an individual and a brief statement about why they merit being added to the active contributor list.  PTL input must be done during the PTL Active Contributor list review period.
  2. The PTL request does not require TSC approval and is considered automatically approved, unless a TSC member disagrees.  If a TSC member disagrees with the PTL request, then they may contact the TSC chair and/or the OPNFV Program Manager, who will then request a vote of the TSC.  Any disagreement must be communicated prior to the end of the TSC nomination process.
  3. The election administrator will add the name of the individual to the Active Contributor list, along with a note that indicates that the person is eligible for nomination through the PTL input process.


  • The PTL input request is NOT a nomination, it simply adds a name to the active contributor list.  A nomination is still required, separately.
  • Being added to the active contributor list also enables the person to submit nominations and to vote in the election.

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