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In addition to receiving TSC approval to begin a new project, a project team must also state their intent to participate in each major OPNFV release.  


Notification of Intent to Participate in Release

Requirement:  project has previously been approved by the TSC as an OPNFV project and is contained in the list of approved projects.

Deadline:  OPNFV Release Milestone 1 (MS1)

The PTL will send an email to the OPNFV TSC mailing list ( as follows:


Intent to Participate Notification

From:  <PTL>


Subj:  [release] Notice of intent to participate in OPNFV <release name> release

Body:  The purpose of this email is to notify the OPNFV TSC that the <project name> project intends to participate in the OPNFV <release name> release.


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