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Project Proposal & Creation Review Checklist

  1. Post a project proposal (Template) on the Project Proposals page.
  2. Make a new project proposal announcement on TSC & Tech-Discuss mailing lists.
  3. Make an effort to discuss the project proposal during the weekly Technical Discussion call to solicit community feedback (in addition to collecting feedback via mailing lists)
  4. After a minimum of 2 week in the “proposal state”, schedule for a creation review during the weekly TSC Meeting by contacting Tapio Tallgren or Ray Paik
    • If consensus from the TSC is that the project proposal needs additional work, they may suggest attending the weekly Technical Discussion meeting for community review/feedback (or at least have further discussions on mailing lists)
  5. After the creation review is approved by the TSC:
    1. Create a project wiki page/space (template)
    2. Remove your project from the Project Proposals page.
    3. Send an email to to file a ticket to create a project repo
    4. Complete the INFO file in the new project repo (BGS example). For committers/contributors, please list corporate email addresses (vs. personal email)
    5. If the project team is planning on setting up a regular meeting (e.g. via teleconference, IRC, etc.), please list the meeting information on the Meetings page
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