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Proposed OPNFV developer on-boarding topics

This page lists potential training topics for video tutorials in the future. If you have additional ideas, please add them to this list below.

  • Git/Gerrit overview
  • Jenkins
  • Artifacts repository & documentation
  • Other developer tools in OPNFV: Wiki, Etherpad, Mailing lists, Meetbot, etc
  • Pharos
    • Pharos project overview
    • How to access Pharos labs
    • How to link labs to the OPNFV Jenkins tool chain
  • Jira
    • 101
    • 201
    • Reporting
    • Agile
    • Project Administration (versions, components, when to use them)
  • OPNFV Test
    • Integrating system test cases into OPNFV (explain how someone could get new test cases represented in and integrated into OPNFV; would include an explanation of the different test frameworks, as well as how one would leverage those in the OPNFV context (possibly best shown with a simple example)
  • OPNFV developer tool chain workflow
  • OPNFV documentation tool chain
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