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This theme addresses several aspects of what enables service providers and developers to support a VNF through its full lifecycle.

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Actual / Desired Roadmap
Developer supportTools for developing VNFs per packaging and detailed capabilities of an NFV platform, and the onboarding process of the service provider.

See VNF Onboarding




Ability of the service provider to onboard VNFs from the point of discovery/publication/ingestion, through the process of adapting the VNFs for use in services, and staging for deployment.

See VNF Onboarding 

ONAP: App Onboarding

DeploymentAbility of the service provider to deploy VNFs as called for by the developer, service provider, and tenant.

See VNF Onboarding 


ProductionAbility of the service provider to manage the lifecycle of the VNF as various types of lifecycle events occur.

See VNF Onboarding 

ONAP: DCAE, Policy


Test upgrade process and roll out to production without service downtime.

  • Overall the service must stay up.
  • Possibly brief outages for VNF components.
  • We would not have an outage. Using traffic roll over onto new VNF.
    • Deploy new version of VNF in parallel
    • Migrate traffic to new NFV
    • Once the traffic is no longer on the older VNF or after a period of time disable the older version of the VNF.
  • Scale up the new VNF and scale down the older VNF.


Original content from Pain Points 

Need / Pain Point
Suggested By
VNF Onboarding and Lifecycle Management

Drive convergence across End Users for a comprehensive, end-to-end (developer-to-operations) process of service/VNF development, packaging, onboarding, service creation, cataloging, deployment, and lifecycle management. Support this though tooling (e.g. SDKs) and open source for key components of the end-to-end process.

From the high level messaging page: As a VNF Provider, I use the OPNFV platform to  validate interoperability with multiple orchestration scenarios so that  ingestion and administration problems in my customer's operational deployments are minimized.

This could be refined as: As a VNF Provider, I use the OPNFV platform to  validate VNF Packaging so that  OPNFV platform returns no errors when onboarding a VNF under all of the OPNFV platform configuration options. This may require a number of Reference VNFs to validate all of the VNFC deployment constraints that could be expressed in the VNF Package.

 Automation & Testing

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