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  • Date: February 1, 2018 (will start @8:30 CET and will last most of the day, find your local time)
  • Logistics: 
    • On-site participation
SiteAddress/Contact infoParticipantsNotes
Espoo, Finland (Nokia)

Nokia HQ, Karaportti 3, Espoo

Contact: Tapio Tallgren

Tapio Tallgren, Mika Rautakumpu, Juha Kosonen, Colum Gaynor

Yardstick, PDF, Dovetail and

OPNFV general documentation

Kista, Sweden (Ericsson)

Grönlandsgatan 31

164 80 Kista, Sweden

Contact: Sofia Wallin

Sofia Wallin, Fatih Degirmenci, Tim Irnich, Ray Paik 
Tokyo, Japan (Red Hat)

Address: 5F, 4-1-18, Ebisu, Tokyo

Contact: Tomofumi Hayashi / Ryota Mibu

Tomofumi Hayashi, Yuki Kasuya, Ryota MibuOSN Tokyo UG
Bucharest, Romania (Enea)Virtual ParticipationCristina PaunaDocumentation for armband
Budapest, Hungary (Nokia)Virtual ParticipationGergely Csatari

Container4NFV architecture options harminisation.

OPNFV general documentation

Please fill in what you are working on so that we can keep track of the activities. 

Gergely CsatariContainer4NFV architecture options

Analyzis of architecture options

Tapio TallgrenXCI dev guide
Mika RautakumpuAdd missing Yardstick test case descriptions
Tomo HayashiFix Apex document

Colum GaynorOverall documentation (opnfvdocs)

 Pending access approval one patch coming to opnfvdocs project.
+ Sent a request into Pharos Wiki to fix one broken link for
   a Visio attachment,

Cristina PaunaDocumentation for armband
Tim IrnichRevising the installation introduction
Ray PaikSW landing page updates

DOCS-185 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DOCS-186 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Sofia WallinImprove content and structure for

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