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  • Tim talked about themes for this plugfest:

    • Container integration

    • Hands on experience sharing

    • New tests and test projects

    • ONAP integration

    • Compliance program

  • Trevor discussed upcoming activities:

    • Stress testing – resilience, availability, reliability etc.

    • VNF characterization

    • Dovetail priorities, planning

    • Benchmarking-as-a-service (vSwitch perf., noisy neighbor)

    • Collaboration projects with Yardstick and NFV bench, traffic generators, normalizing of methods and tools around traffic generators, traffic profiles, consistent reporting

    • Infra set up and POD configuration, 3 PODs in the lab – latest & greatest Xeon; Uses: JOID/Ubuntu, OpenContrail, use for ONAP/APEX

    • Fraser priorities for testing, longevity, monitoring, dashboarding etc.

  • Wind River Titanium - 

    • NFVI analytics integration and testing,  

    • Sytech Solutions VNF onboarding, 

    • VSPerf Titanium Support discussions

    • VSPerf, Storperf, Functest, Dovetail CVP, and Yardstick integration and testing on Lenovo and Advantech hardware.

    • OPNFV virtual installation on Advantech

  • Narinder Canonical - K8s on OPNFV, JOID, basic deployment

  • Cristina ENEA - ARM version of Fuel which is similar to x86. ENEA remote lab available. Will test with Storperf.  Goal to increase ARM awareness.

  • Juha Nokia AirFrame OpenRack POD is onsite. VNF onboarding will be done together with Sytech and RadiSys. Also remote access available to Nokia Finland POD, which will be used for OPNFV deployment with Fuel. Tomi is having Telco Host Scheduled Maintenance presentation & live demo using remote Nokia OPNFV Espoo lab

  • Fu Qiao China Mobile – presentation upcoming on their experience with open source deployment tools and future plans; Compass/Daisy on HA test cases.

  • Anand Gorti Lenovo – 3 PODs remote. 1 standard, 2 OCP hardware. GP for Apex, other two for Wind River and Canonical. Mix of different NIC types.

  • Steven Cablelabs – SnapsOO, OO wrapper around OpenStack APIs. New additions to SnapsOO, enhanced Heat, Cinder, Magnum support. Randy is going to come later. Will talk about Snaps infra platform that they want to contribute to OPNFV/XCI.

  • Ryota NEC – Doctor, 2 sessions -- maintenance use case | NEC, 5 servers in Tokyo remote POD available with 2 switches. Will do some testing with ODL, L2GW etc.

  • Dave Urschatz CENGN – 2 Remote PODs available; will work with XCI PDF/IDF, really interested in deploying virtual OpenStack POD. Like the ability to use XCI to deploy as a teaching tool. Might try Sample VNFs on CENGN PODs.

  • Julian ZTE – Benchmarking-as-a-service, Daisy in Euphrates, roadmap. ZTE remote POD available.

  • David Orange – Show what they are doing with XCI, bare metal and ONAP. Demo/slides on how they do this.  

  • Shreya et. al. Spirent – demo session with Intel, noisy neighbor. POD12 has Spirent load generation. Spirent + cache/mem bandwidth optimization + stress testing.

  • Dave McBride LF – Release automation, discussion about break up release process to account for projects that want to release on a different cadence. Flexible release cadence. Release criteria. Docker infra and build.

  • John Healy Intel

    • Key themes – container & networking, compliance verification, network service and function testing. CVP hugely important for buying decisions.

    • Kubernetes – Multiple networks, EPA (DPDK, SR-IOV, CPU core pinning, dynamic huge page), Collectd, Node feature discovery (available on Intel github)

    • K8s Experience kits – Reference architecture (everything), EPA, K8s networking (Multus), telemetry (collectd)

    • Compliance testing – select solutions, optimized verified solutions, balanced h/w + s/w. Great basis for compliance testing.

    • NFVI fast track – Intel select solution (h/w) + select solution for software (drivers, fw, bios), virtual networking, OS, KVM/QEMU

    • Partner with Yardstick – lot more work to be done here. Framework for tests + sample VNFs. Purchasing person knows that there is a known good standard to buy VNFs.

    • Network builders – 260+ members. Training 6000+ developers trained through Network Builders University. Thursday office hours.

Daily Huddle

  • ETSI Plugtest: 
    • Came up with some good ideas on what kind of value OPNFV can bring for co-hosting. Contribute test cases for June event (e.g. stress testing, OPNFV Verified, etc.).  This activity needs to start ~February right after the January event.   Use test specifications that we could add to CVP and help edit ETSI specs (test fairies).
  • Narinder K8s in OPNFV:
    • Presented an overview of LXD, process containers, application containers, Kubernetes, MaaS, Juju. Use cases for different containers. Maas/Juju deployment covered for VMs, bare metal and public clouds.
  • Apex Deploy & Test session:
    • Dan -- Got a chance to work through the Apex architecture, configuration files, deployment and testing. Lot of good questions about installation and deployment and integration. How we can make things better. Two Intel PODs where Apex is being installed were worked on after the session. These are planned for some ONAP testing, and Barometer testing.
  • Compass4NFV Deploy & Test session: 
  • Stress testing: Definitions and scope
  • ODL container orchestration engine integration upstreaming to OPNFV
  • Docs
    • Good discussion on the Docs project and how we can improve things. More contributors and contributions required. User group in Japan can help with Japanese. Improve documentation builds. Projects can have per project documentation feedback. Discussed how to improve the landing page to better serve information to people in terms of improved community. Also discussed tools and best practices across LF projects.
  • Daisy Planning -- Discussed Fraser release and DPDK scenario support. Discussed K8s support for next release. Plan to separate K8s scenarios, with or without OpenStack. Also separate K8s Yardstick test cases with and without DPDK.
  • Advantech POD is up & running. Storperf running so far so good, still running overnight. Eddy running Functest. Stephen running Dovetail.
  • Apex running on Lenovo. Tomorrow testing.
  • Nokia POD onsite: FuncTest executed succesfully with the latest OPNFV Euphrates release. Creating VPN connectivity to the POD for Radisys and start VMRF VNF deployment tomorrow. Finland POD, starting OPNFV Fuel deployment with Enea.
  • CENGN POD: XCI testing.
  • Intel POD: Wind River Titatium deployed.



Daily Huddle

  • Data Plane Performance Benchmarking in production pods with NFVBench - Alec Hothan/Yichen Wang
  • ONAP/OPNFV XCI - David Orange - Explained what is ONAP. Talked about its size and how it can’t be fit in one machine and the importance of reducing its size. Talked about CI topics, what we can bring from OPNFV to ONAP in terms of best practice (i.e. real CI pipeline with daily tests). Talked about the ONAP POC at Orange, baremetal to VNFs using Heat and OOM.
  • Daisy4NFV Deploy & Test session - Zhouya: 
    • Daisy ecosystem,How to use daisy to deploy openstack,How to generate configuration file from PDF file. How to check log to locate the problem of daisy or openstack redeployed. Used with China Mobile in their POD. Discussed best practices.
  • VNF Characterization with Yardstick; 
    • Yardstick - Ross - Presentation on VNF characterization. Session on Yardstick Fraser planning, collected requirements.

  • JOID Narinder - Went through JOID design; features of MaaS/Juju/Charm. Discussed automation in OPNFV. Showed how to add a POD by just changing the YAML file.
  • Lenovo OCP POD - JOID with Functest/YardstickIntel POD - JOID with Functest/Yardstick
  • NFVbench, Yardstick, VSPerf - Trevor - talked about collaboration on traffic generators and methods, sharing dictionaries and code
  • Dovetail/CVP - Eddie - A reminder of what optional and mandatory test cases are. Optional are for vendors to showcase non-ubiquitous and experimental features. Broad committee to review testcases/roadmap. Desire to broaden scope by adding testcases e.g. IPv6, HA etc. Use case testing by using sample_vnf can be considered. NFVbench may be a good tool for performance testing -- this may be added in an experimental fashion. K8s test suite also available, Functest team looking at it, so a bit early for CVP team. HA extensions Georg gave a good overview and discussion around Fraser. HA test cases may require more configuration options in OPNFV test tools. Also harmonization on items such as config and log files across test projects.
  • Kolla - Randy - Looking at what XCI has done, need something a bit more stable, so Cablelabs uses Kolla using Ansible Kolla. So there’s interest in XCI using something more stable using Kolla. Not meant to be a new installer, but good for specific testing.  
  • Release Automation - Trevor - Good discussion around automating some items on the release process. An OpenStack developer gave good feedback on how they have solved many of the same problems around automating the release process and making things easier for everyone.
  • Nokia - Radisys team (Syed) - VMRF component for audio/video conferencing. Instantiated the VNF, working and active. Checking some items, more update tomorrow. FuncTest done on site POD, On-site POD has APEX deployed. Remote POD Fuel deployment ongoing
  • WindRiver - Ran a complete Dovetail/CVP report. Found an issue with CVP: the report had some issues, but it was giving a false positive with 100% pass.
  • Advantech - Eric - Storperf ran fine on Advantech POD. Spend time with the NFVBench team, ran it against Titanium cloud for North-South testing. Now checking East-West traffic by running it inside OpenStack.
  • Eddy - Running Functest on both Lenovo/Advantech PODs. Working through migration issue.
  • Anand - Running Functest on Apex/Lenovo POD.
  • NEC - Ryota - Ran Functest healthcheck on Apex/NEC POD. More tomorrow.
  • CENGN - Dave Urschatz - Fatih and Dave ran into an Ironic upstream bug in OpenStack "Queens" using XCI.  This is an example of how XCI catches issues well ahead of OPNFV Projects that would have hit them later.



Daily Huddle

  • Telco host scheduled maintenance - Presentation & live demo using remote Nokia OPNFV Espoo lab
    • Rolling maintenance host by host
    • Infrastructure upgrade and application side upgrade at the same time

    • Zero downtime to application as know about coming maintenance

    • Application to know new capabilities after maintenance, like new OpenStack version

    • Next step to make test case for this in the OPNFV Doctor
  • Wind River - A) Stephen, Working on Dovetail. CVP standard out was showing 100% pass, when submitting files that wasn’t true. The things that weren’t passing, was because they didn’t have access to run those tests. So they didn’t show up in the logs and therefore didn’t show a failure. Working on fixing access issues and logs issues. B) Eddy - same test but on Lenovo

  • Advantech POD - Eric - (Edge cloud device, behaves any other IT server but suitable for the edge) - Storperf issues being reported; will be fixed. NFVBench issues around reporting, will be fixed. Tomorrow Spirent testing.

  • Lenovo - Anand - Ran Functest on Apex POD. Working on JOID.

  • Nokia - Mika - Radisys had some problems deploying VM, the connectivity is up, trying to find issues.

  • Fuel - Cristina - Described the topology, what’s new in the current approach. Constructive questions. Showed a demo for a virtual deploy during the presentation, showed a bare metal (pre-deployed) already.

  • Bottlenecks - Gabriel - Plan/idea for scheduling test cases, work with Yardstick & Storperf, so scheduling is a good idea.

  • Release planning - David - Good sessions, morning discussed having flexible release cadence for projects that don’t depend on installers e.g. Calypso. So they can follow a different release cadence. Implications around projects doing their own tagging, in addition to OPNFV level tagging. Good inputs on how to address this. Euphrates retrospective was very poorly attended, but might be because the Euphrates release was smooth and people didn’t have any real feedback. Talked about improving tooling and dashboards. Good inputs from the community.

  • Doctor - Ryota - Discussed how to develop test cases and about maintenance. VNF testcase improvement e.g. link down on TOR. Planning to continue in weekly meetings.

  • Radisys - Syed - Made the VNF up & running. Next will load up licenses, and run test cases. Will connect to another VNF to get an end-to-end test flow. Don’t have a full vIMS, but this is adequate and will verify functionality tomorrow.

  • Scenario Consolidation - Tim - Has been some work on pruning scenarios (not just adding) since the list keeps growing. Today ~60. Main approach is to collapse specific features into one (multiple features in one scenario as long as they don’t conflict with each other). Issues with responsibility and ownership, if many features are packed into one scenario. So some issues need to be sorted out.

  • China Mobile - Fu Qiao - Overview of the China Mobile project around Integration and onboarding system using OPNFV tools. Daisy + Yardstick + multiple vendor tools (e.g. Ixia).

  • XCI - Fatih - Presentation and progress around XCI. Also described how people can try out using XCI Sandbox. Slides.

  • User support - Ray - Discussed how to define users (anybody who consumes any artifacts). Support from the mailing list, askbot (not used heavily, 3-4 per month), and IRC channel. Unless you are part of the community, it’s not obvious where to ask for help. Ray will create a new webpage to guide users around this. Considering moving to StackOverflow similar to ODL. Alerts will go to IRC channels and mailing lists automatically.

  • Enabling Lab owners with non-standard hardware - Tim - Examples commercial traffic generators for specific profiles/high-volumes, specific NICs, underlay control networking hardware. This is not widespread, happening in pockets, but not being handled in a consistent manner. Realized that through SDF (scenario descriptor files) and PDF (POD descriptor files) this should be possible to support.


Daily Huddle

  •  Are you Insured Against Your Noisy Neighbor-A VSPERF Usecase: Sunku & Shreya 

    • Presentation and Demo on VSPERF integration with Resource Management Daemon (RMD) software and cloud stress. Introduced the concept of Last Level Cache (LLC) as a resource using Resource Management Daemon.
    • Generated good discussion on exposing LLC to MANO layers and introducing LLC as another dimension to existing test tools.
    • Did a demo with Spirent Cloud Stress VMs as a noisy neighbor that would run along VSPERF based PVP deployment showing that the memory traffic generated enough noise to reduce the performance of PVP test case
    • Configuring cache management to allocate requrie cache resources with VSPERF integrated RMD code, proved better performance of PVP test case.

  • Yu Zhiqiang, China Mobile, Introduction of Open Telecom IT Infrastructure Project in Chinese Market
    Introduction Of OTII Project.pdf
  • Yu Zhiqiang, China Mobile, NFV Pre-Integration Trial in China Mobile
    NFV Pre-integration Trial in China Mobile.pdf
  • Yu Zhiqiang, China Mobile, ODCC Scorpio Multi-node Server for OPNFV
    ODCC Scorpio Multi-node Server for OPNFV Plugfest 201712.pdf
  • Docker infrastructure and build and Releng -- Trevor -- Good discussion with the community around builds and Docker. Ways we can be flexible in their use of Docker to make things easier for anybody building containers. Good discussion around container security scanning and updating Docker containers around that.

  • XCI HA - Fu Qiao - VM HA feature additions in Queens; see if Compass and XCI can add OpenStack Masakari project. Joint call next week to continue. Fatih -- committer list discussion for Releng and making it more granular.

  • TSC composition -- Ray -- This discussion has been going on for over 1 year. Next year want to go to 100% merit based. Discussion on nominees and voters, and limit on company terms. Fraser features will be discussed sooner than Milestone 6, and Dave has been collecting this info.

  • Doctor -- Ryota -- Doing some testing as a plugfest activity. Apex POD with physical deployment. Functest SFC failed. Found several bugs. Cedric fixed one immediately. But couple of other issues are still there. Working with the right team.

  • Radisys -- Syed -- The instantiation of vMRF (part of vIMS) worked on Nokia POD. Did some basic SIP testing. Working fine on OPNFV.

  • RH -- Dan -- Intel Purley servers, Kernel doesn’t support Apex yet. So updating kernel to make sure Apex work. Then the plan is to deploy ONAP.

  • Wind River - Eddy -- Spirent on Advantech Wind River lab. CloudStress, Virtual Traffic Gen, Methodology Center. NFVbench and Storperf ran again today.

  • China Mobile -- Zhiqiang -- OTII (Open Telecom Infrastructure ) introduced. Hope it can be verified with OPNFV. Introduce NFV pre-integration issues at China Mobile. Hope to see OPNFV helping with NFV transformation, where there’s perfect hardware, software, switch, but nobody is responsible for integration. Also, talked about ODCC servers.


  • In making Telco host scheduled maintenance live demo, there was a bug found from Nova. After migrating VM belonging to AntiAffinity server group, the source host is not removed from internal cache in the AntiAffinity filter ( This will cause next migration to fail, while there should be empty host to schedule. As workaround one can schedule some VMs not belonging to AntiAffinity server group to the empty host clearing the wrong cache information (this will work as no need to check the AntiAffinity with incorrect cache information). Code can be fixed by refreshing the cache information from DB. This fix was used in the demo to have it fluently running repeatedly. Still need to reproduce this with latest Nova master before filing a bug.
  • Fuel installer:  FUEL-315 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Fuel installer: FUEL-313 - Getting issue details... STATUS


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