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Day 1


Day 2

Title:  Functest hacking
Leader:  Cedric Ollivier

Title: OVP hacking
Leader: Mika RautakumpuGeorg Kunz

  • Etherpad notes:
  • Review suggested topics in notes 
  • Conclusion is that we lack the appropriate people and/or software resources (e.g., commercial VNF) to perform any of the suggestions in the notes.
  • Dan Xu reviews roadmap for Dovetail
  • Lincoln Lavoie brings up  YARDSTICK-1620 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Discussion about SFC test cases.
    • Manuel Buil says that OpenStack and OPNFV versions of SFC using the same API
    • Manuel says that OpenStack SFC is in maintenance mode.
    • Should Dovetail even support SFC test cases if no development in OpenStack or OPNFV SFC?  Manuel recommends no.
  • Discussion about new test cases for next Dovetail release.
    • Question about Rally test cases from Cedric? Why weren't they included in Dovetail?
      • Georg thinks that this was an oversight.
      • Dan Xu says that they are proposed for the next release of Dovetail.  Some of the work has been done.
  • Need to update review tutorial based on feedback sent to

Day 3

Title: XCI hacking
Leader:  Fatih Degirmenci

Day 4

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