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Our TSC chairman, Bin Hu organized an informal gathering at Intel, San Jose, on April 2, 2019, just prior to ONS NA. Thanks to Trevor Cooperand Intel for hosting the event and for providing dinner to the attendees, afterward.

Etherpad used for meeting planning.


Qiao Fu , Cedric Ollivier , Bin Hu , Trevor Cooper , Al Morton , Sridhar Rao , Tomi Juvonen , Lincoln Lavoie , Pierre Lynch , Yipan Deng , Gergely Csatari , sunku ranganath Christopher Price , Fatih Degirmenci , David McBrideIldiko Vancsa, Deepal Mehta, Shaileshkumar Chauhan


  • OPNFV Strategy
  • OVP / CVC
  • Testing and Tooling
  • Infrastructure Evolution
  • XCI
  • Closed-Loop Automation and OPNFV

Meeting Notes

  • OPNFV Strategy
    • Amy Wheelus / Mark Cottrell presentation plus panel at ONS on Weds. 
      • Will be discussing Common NFVi Telecom Consortium (CNTC).
        • consortium of 10 operators
      • Ultimate goal is to certify VNFs for the profiled infrastructure
      • Will rely on workflow involving operators, OPNFV/OVP, and GSMA
    • GSMA profiles: 1) basic; 2) computer-centric; 3) network-centric
      • GSMA announced their work in this area at MWC
    • Trevor Cooper: need to map industry metrics against profiles and find gaps in metrics (i.e., insufficient to validate profiles)
    • Lincoln: too many profiles will make this irrelevant
      • Definition of Done - that you this small/peak number of profiles that represent an interop-testable and non-custom number
  • OVP / CVC
    • Pierre: ETSI test 7 could be used as a basis for compliance testing
    • Lincoln: determine abstract VNF requirements, then determine how to test and NFVi.
    • Lincoln: need to get buy-in from the end-users to encourage the rest of the industry to support.
    • OVP is now an LFN initiative, however, it maintains the name "OPNFV Verification Program". This is due to the fact that OPNFV is the integration engine for all of LFN.
  • Testing
    • Cedric provides an overview of Functest.
      • Functest runs OpenStack test cases. Also installs Clearwater and runs VNF tests.
      • vnf:hunter installs CLearwater VNF, cloudify, cloudify_ims, heat_ims...
        • features: includes doctor, odl-sfc,barometercollectd, stor4nfv 
      • Cedric says tat healthcheck is a low bar, ICMP tests
      • smoke is a series of OpenStack tests, less demanding than OpenStack
      • benchmarking:hunter has two dataplane tests, vmtp-run and shaker-run
    • Trevor: if OPNFV is a reference platform, how do we validate the reference?
  • Infra Evolution
    • David McBride: we need a senior community leader to drive an effort to develop a plan.
    • Chris Price: Invest funds in moving labs to LaaS model
      • Leverage UNH work to form community-based project within OPNFV. 
        • Trevor: we need a LaaS project within OPNFV.
      • extend LaaS to support Community infrastructure, so that utilization is tracked, and flexibility is possible
      • Generalize UNH's solution, make it portable to other labs
      • Open Federated Labs (in different locations) is a goal.
      • Funds could go for dedicated servers and GUI SW for ease of use.
      • OPNFV's HW resources could be used by other projects, 
      • There is a big barrier to entry, e.g., static pod assignment)
        • Need to complete Scenario Definition (SDF) File format development.
      • Software development / training to improve onboarding
      • Deploy lab federation (reservation) software (EmuLab, Chameleon)
      • Existing funds are "seed money" that can be used to attract vendors.
      • Use funds to pay contractors to develop missing software pieces.
      • Collaboration with OpenLab?
    • Want to maintain diversity of hardware. Not available with and other similar services.
    • What about tooling? Xuul? TravisCI? 
      • "Decentralization". Projects determine their own toolchain within guidelines.
    • Cedric - LF servers were dedicated to the Installers, now they should be available for the testing projects.
  • XCI
    • Fatih provides overview of XCI
    • Are we trying to provide feedback to upstream communities, or stable releases?
    • How do installers fit in?
    • XCI not required to validate test frameworks (e.g., functest). Test frameworks may validate themselves, separately, then be consumed by XCI.
  • Closed loop automation and OPNFV
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