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Attendees: Ray PaikBrandon WickDavid McBrideAric GardnerHeather KirkseyLara Taback Morgan Richomme Jose Lausuch Serena Feng Juha Kosonen Steven Pisarski Cedric Ollivier valentin boucher Zhipeng (Howard) HuangCarlos GoncalvesYujun Zhangmei meiHelen YaoKubi, wenjuan dong, Tapio TallgrenTomi Juvonen, Fatih Degirmencihongbo tian, Uli Kleber, Bin Hu, Mark Beierl, Bertrand Souville, Christopher Price, Jack MorganPrakash Ramchandran, Ulas KozatWenjing Chu, Dan Radez, Michael Chapman, Anand Gorti, Gergely Csatari

We need volunteers from the community to sign up for short shifts in the OPNFV Booth. Please sign up on Etherpad here:

Planned Meetings/Events

Date/Time (in CET)Meetings/EventsNotes
October 24th (Monday)
17:00 - 19:00Marketplace MixerCasual meetup at OPNFV Booth
17:00 - 19:00

OPNFV Booth Open


Volunteers Needed (sign up at

October 25th (Tuesday)
10:45 - 18:35OPNFV Booth OpenVolunteers Needed (sign up at

13:00 -15:00


Location: We will try to find a table in the lunch area and send out location description by email, irc, and etherpad.

To discuss dovetail topics:
19:00 - 21:00

OPNFV & OpenDaylight Reception

Boo Restaurant and Beach Club- Terrace, Espigó de Bac de Roda, 1. Platja de la Nova Mar Bella (1.7 km from OpenStack Conference Center) See the map and RSVP here

October 26th (Wednesday)
9:00 - 13:00FunctestTo work on the Danube roadmap
10:45 - 18:35OPNFV Booth OpenVolunteers Needed (sign up at
October 27th (Thursday)
10:00 - 16:40OPNFV Booth OpenVolunteers Needed (sign up at
14:00 - 16:00Testing dashboardDiscussion with the Bitergia team
October 28th (Friday)


Sessions of Interest

Date/Time (in CET)Activities/EventsNotes
October 25th (Tuesday)
9:55 - 10:05Keynote: Demo: OpenStack and OPNFV - Keeping Your Mobile Phone Calls Connected  OPNFV Doctor Demo with: Ryota Mibu Ildiko Vancsa Ifat Afek
12:15 - 12:155Ops: Telecom/NFV
15:05 - 15:45

OpenStack and the Orchestration Options for Telecom / NFV

How to Work Upstream with OpenStack

Hui Deng, Chris Wright, Diego Lopez

Ryota Mibu, Ashiq Khan, Julien Danjou

15:55 - 16:35Neutron software-defined interconnects with WAN BGP VPNsTim Irnich, Thomas Morin, Paul Carver
17:05 - 17:45SFQM & Doctor: Keeping my (telco) cloud afloatMaryam Tahhan, Carlos Goncalves, Emma Foley
October 26th (Wednesday)
11:25 - 12:05OpenStack Operators Telecom/NFV Functional TeamWorking Groups Track
15:05 - 15:45Open Networking in Action: SDN and NFV + OpenStack and CloudHeather Kirksey, Christopher Price, Bryan Sullivan, Neela Jacques, Jonathan Bryce
15:05 - 15:45Project: OPNFV - Base System Functionality Testing (Functest) of a vIMS on OpenStackMorgan Richomme valentin boucher
15:55 - 16:35The role of Neutron in OPNFVChristopher Price, Armando Migliaccio, Rosella Sblendido
16:15 - 16:30The Implementation Synopsis of Gluon CoreBin Hu, Thomas Hambleton, Nikolas Hermanns
17:05 - 17:45Fault Management with OpenStack Congress and Vitrage, based on OPNFV Doctor FrameworkRyota Mibu, Ohad Shamir, Masahito Muroi
October 27th (Thursday)
11:30 - 12:30The benefits of E2E Integration Between Open Source Communities Using 3rd Party CIUlrich Kleber, Fatih Degirmenci
16:40 - 17:20Gluon - Accelerating Development of New Networking Services for OpenStackJeff Collins, Vincent Button, Marco Rodrigues, Ian Wells
October 28th (Friday)
09:50 - 10:30Gluon Work Session in Design SummitAll are welcome
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