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Registration & Location

Shipping and Setup

We are no longer planning to have hardware onsite for Plugfest.  Instead, we encourage participants to use remote connections to hardware resources to conduct testing and other hands-on technical activities.  A dedicated room will be provided for teams conducting Plugfest activities.

If you still believe that it's necessary to bring hardware to Plugfest, you may do so, but you must make arrangements with the site host, directly.  Note that LFN cannot guarantee that the site host will be willing or able to support the request.

Session Proposals 

Please contribute proposals for presentations and discussions

Plugfest Topics

Hacking and interoperability testing.  Please add your name to indicate interest in each topic.

Plugfest Topics


The schedule will be posted the week of June 3.  A link will be added here as soon as it's available.

Plugfest Planning Meetings

Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement (ROE) define the governing principles under which the plugfest shall operate and each participant must agree to abide by these rules when participating in the plugfest(s).

OPNFV Plugfest Rules of Engagement

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