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Topics Discussed

  • Infra WG tasks
    • clean up INFRA wiki space - organize content, archiving any as needed, identify what needs to be prioritized moving forward.
  • Pharos project clean up
    • reach out to community labs & update community labs wiki space
    • clean up Pharos JIRA items to identify what needs to be dine
  • Releng project
    • no items were discussed
  • Lab as a Service (Laas) project - need to invite Parker as Infra WG participating PTL
  • CNTT & Infa WG engagement
    • see IRC logs of conversation details - summary: need discussion on how to move forward
      • Pharos specification, PDF/SDF work, LaaS integration and supporting OPNFV releases / OVP

IRC logs:


Discussion items

10 minAgenda Bashing
  • Determine agenda if not set before meeting
10 minMeeting Minutes Discussion
  • How and where we will take notes for the meetings
40 minPharos/Infra/LaaS Status
  • Jack's thoughts on status of Pharos project and future work
  • Discussion on PDF/SDF
  • Discussion on LaaS

Future Lab Use & Considerations
  • Lab as a Service (LaaS) & Supplier Self-Service

Action items