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Discussion items

5 minAgenda BashingJack Morgan
  • discuss agenda items for meeting
10 minReview Discussion on PDF/CNTTMark Shostak Jack Morgan
  • Review discussion from Technical Discussion Call
    • Where should the work / discussion happen? CNTT-RI? Infra-WG?
    • What's the scope of the discussion? PDF Format, Implementation, Hardware specifications?
10 minInfra-WG PlanningJack Morgan
  • Planning on canceling / moving Infra-WG Europe/APAC friendly meeting - Too many conflicts
  • Moving meeting back and hour to 7AM - Trevor BramwellTo drive meeting Jan - February
10 minDiscussion TopicsJack Morgan
  • OPNFV representative for the TAC Infra Work Group - Need to choose someone (mostly likely candidates are OPNFV Infra WG leads) - Designating Trevor Bramwell - Will provide summary, report to Infra-WG
  • Adopting TAC Infra Work Group recommendations for CI/CD per the comparison - Need a champion to define strategy and implementation - Trevor Bramwell
    • Main topic moving forward: TAC Infra Work Group - CI/CD
  • INFRA wiki space clean up - organize content, archiving any as needed, identify what needs to be prioritized moving forward. - Jack MorganTrevor Bramwellhave a follow up meeting to determine content priorities for 2020
4 minDebrief LFN DDF TopicsTrevor Bramwell
  • Overview of OPNFV CI/CD - Presentation at DDF in Prague
10 min

Jerma Release Plans

  • Discuss release plans for Releng, LaaS and Pharos
    • All need a rough draft for next release
    • Pharos: 
      • Cleaning up labs
      • Pharos specification update: Seperate labs / spec
      • Present at mature project
    • Releng
      • Execute on CI/CD Transition
      • Determine XCI status
      • Determine security scanning
    • LaaS: Not here
5 minAddress Current IssuesTrevor Bramwell
  • LF-POD2 - Bad motherboard? Needs a power cycle.
    • Chassis needs a hard reboot
    • Waiting until after Iruya Release
    • Will need to discuss next-steps if a reboot doesn't fix it.
      • Greater discussion in the future around hardware needs to be had as well.
1 minReview Actions & Next Meeting TopicsJack Morgan Trevor Bramwell
  • Project Release Plans
  • Determine sub-project future

Action items