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  • Determine future of OPNFV PDX Lab

Discussion items

5minAgenda Bashing
  • Review current agenda
45minOPNFV PDX Lab
  • Discuss future plans
    • Budget to replace UCS
    • Shutdown would cut PDX cost in half
    • Moving current systems to OSUOSL, if hosting cost better
    • Moving some equipment to LaaS
    • New UCS equipment to host and UNH
      • Cost out needed
      • Not specifically UCS
    • OSUOSL may be cheaper than shipping to UNH
    • Possibly second LaaS at OSUOSL
  • Current servers
    • LF POD 1-5
    • UCS: POD 1-2
  • Agree  Move to LaaS model when replacing UCS servers and moving others out of PDX
    • Need requirements to drive / understand need
      • Only stable branch?
      • Keep POD online for 1 month / during release
    • Still some use-cases for static PODs - dev/test can be either
  • Parker notes traffic generators are supported by LaaS, if anyone want to ship one
  • Next release most likely in November
  • Moving Servers
    • Quote for: 15 servers - 2 switches, ~18U - 120v, ask for half-rack possibly for expansion
    • Options: OSUOSL
    • Konstantin said it's not worth shipping servers to UNH - May cost more than they're worth
    • OSUOSL may provide another LaaS
    • Need quote to make descision, then will figure out timing
    • 2 PODs for LaaS
      • Some extra resource maybe needed for LaaS support (could use one of 15 servers)
      • Need discovery into LaaS support / requirements
  • Purchasing
    • Option: UNH Handles
      • OPNFV provides quote (preferred) or IOL-UNH purchases based on requirements
      • HP servers 10-15K, switches 8-10K (Possibly 100G nics/switches)
      • Budget (100-190k) would support 1-2 PODs (~75K per pod)
      • Pricing may not be different from purchasing ourselves
      • IOL needs server requirements for getting quote
        • Last machines: 512Gb RAM, 3TB Disk, Broadwell - switch with preferred nics (100G)
        • Agree Machines should match current lab, but with swap for 100G NICs and Switch(es)
0 min(Skipped) Review Action ItemsTrevor Bramwell Jack Morgan
  • Status update on current items
10 minReview JIRA Tasks
  • Ensure issues are being triaged

Action items