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Discussion items

5 minAgenda Bashing
  • Discuss / Propose Agenda topics
10 min

LaaS Topics

  • Analytics
  • Wiki Cleanup
  • Discuss Analytics requirements
    • Examples: Host/CPUs, Booking length, Usage
  • Review Wiki
5 minCI/CD Transformation
  • Review proposal for TSC
    • Postponed till Next Meeting
10 minOPNFV LF PDX Lab Migration Roadmap
  • Review presentation
  • Quotes:
    • UNH-IOL still working on quote
  • Discussion on LaaS resources for CI/production workloads
    • Balance between static allocation / dynamic needs
5 minReview Action items
  • Can we close any?
5 min

Wiki Cleanup 

  •  Work on cleaning up the Infra-WG wiki space - remaining cleanup items need input from both projects

Next meeting on  Canceled

Action items