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Discussion items

5 minAgenda BashingTrevor Bramwell
  • Setting the agenda
1 minLaaS StatusLincoln Lavoie
  • Still waiting on HW to arrive at UNH. Received NICs from Intel.
10 minRelease PlanningTrevor Bramwell
  • What needs to be done for Infra projects?
    • Trevor Bramwell recommends projects follow the process for JIRA issues and Wiki page.
10 minProject Updates
  • Hardware planning
    • Waiting on OSUOSL for contract
    • LF to determine when and how (1 day for physical move, day or two for pre/post work)
    • Where are we with UCS?
      • Ready to move - Shouldn't impact release process
        Trevor Bramwell to reach out to Functest
5 minReview Action ItemsTrevor Bramwell

Action items

  • Trevor BramwellTo reach out to sawyer regarding lower priority for documentation for setting up new LaaS