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This document hopes to define what is needed to enable CNTT Reference Implementations within the Infrastructure Work Group projects. This document is based on current meeting minutes


Pharos Specification - Iruya release

  • The Pharos specification will need to be refreshed to include hardware requirements from CNTT
  • Additional enhancements might be needed to the Jerma or Kali releases

POD Descriptor file (PDF) - Iruya release

  • The POD Descriptor file might needed to be reviewed to see any changes are needed to include any updates to the Pharos Specification
    • If PDF is updated, then it should be versioned to document updates and schema changes to validate then current PDF might need to be updates
    • Latest PDF specification documentation
  • PDF support will needed to be added to Airship (or any other installer) so they are able to use them
  • PDF will need created for Intel POD 11 & 15 (PDF reside in the Pharos.git repository
  • Additional enhancements might be needed to the Jerma or Kali releases

Lab space - Iruya release

  • lab space will need to be identified that fulfills the hardware requirements from CNTT
    • Jim Baker is working on securing lab space - UNH-IOL appears to be the most likely lab to accommodate them
  • Looking at how OPNFV Labs evolve will be a topic for Jerma or Kali releases particularly if they support/participate with LaaS

Scenario Descriptor File (SDF) - TBD

Lab as  Service (LaaS)


  • LaaS project team is currently create a plan for the upgrade path for the LaaS resources to meet the hardware requirements of CNTT lab. Goal is to put this in place before the end of 2019, with additional updates in planning for 2020.

Release Engineering (Releng)


  • Jenkins support issue per Cedric's request


Currently there is no PTL for this project and it has been rolled under the Releng project.


  • Enable Jenkins jobs for Anteater security scans for Airship, CIRV, ??
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