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These pages contain information about planned, ongoing, completed, and proposed OPNFV Infra improvement activities.

The idea with these pages is to

  • collect the details about related activities together
  • present the problem (if any) the activity trying to solve
  • answer the question "why we need to do it"
  • give the reasoning
  • propose a solution

These pages do not replace the Infra Projects' Backlogs on JIRA and the idea with the pages is to try to give detailed information about the work being done and make the wider community aware of the details of the work.

If the activity is straightforward and does not require discussion and agreement by Infra Working Group, it is perfectly fine to keep information directly under JIRA issues.

Apart from OPNFV use of these pages, they also serve as input to LF Infra Collaboration work that is in progress together with other LF Networking Projects; OpenDaylight, FD.IO.

Links to Infra Improvement Activities of Other Projects

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