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Jerma Release


  • Stabilize Releng Verification Jobs
  • Execute on TAC Infra CI/CD Recommendation
  • Determine Status/Future of Subprojects
  • Migrate OPNFV Build machines to LaaS VM


  • Hardware upgrades to achieve CNTT compliance
  • CNTT creature comforts
    • "one-click" CNTT compliant POD deployment
    • pre-defined CNTT-RI in LaaS
  • Airship integration


  • Clean up - wiki/JIRA, committer list (call for participation)
  • Pharos community labs - reach to lab owners to validate lab status

  • Present Pharos project as a mature project within OPNFV
  • PDF documentation - create documentation for PDF
  • Pharos Specification - clean up and update

Danube Release


  • Pharos change request creation and implementation work
  • Lab specifications for each community lab
  • Community lab support pages
  • Installer specification for lab owners

tracked via PHAROS-193
tracked via PHAROS-29
tracked via PHAROS-64
tracked via PHAROS-33

Common configuration
  • POD description file - define hardware resources in a POD
Infra WG Discussions high
Pharos Dashboard
  • plan to get at least one lab supported in the tool
Pharos Dashboard high
Pharos Validator
  • deliver in Danube release
Pharos Validator low
Pharos LAAS
  • deliver in Danube release
Pharos LAAS low


Release Engineering Project plans to deliver CI Evolution phases 1 & 2 and 3rd Party CI as part of Danube Release.

CI Evolution
  • Alignment of Daily Job Structures between different installers. (Phase 1)
  • Alignment of Verify Job Structures between different installers and enabling the commit gating. (Phase 2)
Installers need to support this activity by providing virtual deployment.CI Evolution high
3rd Party CI
  • Enable project specific patchset verification and post-merge jobs.
  • Enable basic virtual and baremetal deployment of OpenStack from master branch.
This is not a blocker for Danube release. Apart from this, OpenStack Infra
is impacting the way this work is done within OPNFV so the scope can increase or decrease.
OpenStack medium


Scenario naming

New schema for scenario names agreed incl. migration path

Infra WG Discussions, Scenario Naming


Common Scenario Descriptor Files

Proposal for scenario descriptor files agreed and template available 

Infra WG Discussions, Template proposal (gerrit)

Scenario consolidation Proposal to reduce the number of scenarios in a release 

Slide deck Scenario Considerations

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