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TODO: define what clean up needs to be done for the INFRA wiki space

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  1. Frank Brockners I think it is better the ideas/items go to backlogs directly on JIRA and prioritized there. Keeping them in different places (like confluence, JIRA, etherpad, etc.) will make things harder to track.

    Apart from this, some of the items are already in the backlog so asking people to check JIRA and create items there could reduce the duplication.


    1. Fatih Degirmenci - We're on the same page - and JIRA is the right place. I just don't want to lose information when moving to the "clean" way. 
      BTW/ - could you update the filter to show tickets in all projects that carry the INFRA label? That way we also cover Genesis etc. Thanks, Frank

      1. Frank Brockners Updated the filter now and all the JIRA items with INFRA label should be shown in the list. You can click refresh and order by key if GENESIS or other project items do no show up.

        I also sent mail to Julien and asked him to put these items to JIRA by passing the link to the version of this page with the ideas he put.

        1. Hi Fatih Degirmenci,

          I have create the JIRA tasks with INFRA label in Releng as you suggested. The content in url(Proposed Improvements) can be deleted. Almost all the tasks and sub-tasks can be done only by admins of Gerrit and JIRA and I just give my suggestions. I also find that Aric Gardner has started to work on some of them.

  2. Hello

    for me, im not sure what has occurred, but it would be good for someone to outline the following:


    • why was it necessary to go through and change all the tickets that belong to another lab owner
    • How come the processes that have been established by lab owners were completely disregarded.
    • What is the expectation of time here vs. effort - the point of JIRA is a tool - not the "b all to end all" for INFRA WG.


    Seems we are regressing a bit to unilateral actions - we had a large discussion about making work for others withoout having adequate discussion and I fail to see why this all had to be done on Friday?



  3. Hi! We are ready to tag the PDF 1.0 in Pharos git repo. Verify is now voting, all PDFs are in good shape. Julien, waiting for your ok on this.

    1. It's great! I think it is a good idea to tag and release.

      We'd better take this topic to the Hu Bin's weekly meeting to show our status and plan.

      Alexandru Avadanii, can you take this?

      1. Sure, I'll try to attend this week's meeting.

  4. cleanup Octopus Jira tickets

    • suggest move to releng
      • OCTO-149: CI support for the release process
      • OCTO-150: Improve CI User Interface
      • OCTO-155: Collect data for every build/verify
    • move to Pharos
      • OCTO-162 to PHAROS-353: Create description for Scenario Lifecycle
    • close
      • OCTO-129: Enable smoke test for master branch
      • OCTO-141 - Maintain INFO file
      • OCTO-146: Optimization of CI Pipeline
        • Move OCTO-155 out of this Epic
      • OCTO-147: Identify, document and enforce lab requirements
      • OCTO-148: Improve Traceability of CI
      • OCTO-151: Sequential Execution on a single POD
      • OCTO-153: Increase CI coverage by running more activities in scope of verify and merge jobs
      • OCTO-154: Support performance tests and functional tests in different way
      • OCTO-163 - Fix Yamllint violations in Octopus