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Please type in your name if you will attend the OpenStack Summit Barcelona so we know who will be there.

Fatih Degirmenci, Jack Morgan, Aric GardnerYujun Zhang, Uli Kleber



Please add proposed topics below. Added priority for proposed topics (feel free to adjust if you disagree)

  1. Prepare Infra Release Plan for Danube Release
  2. Review of current CI POD allocation model
    • will 2 POD per installer be enough?
    • dynamic POD allocation
  3. Infra Improvement Activities
    • common configuration files
  4. OpenStack 3rd Party CI
  5. CI Evolution
  6. ODL -> OPNFV
    • intern project proposal from Daniel Farrell (can call in but will not be at Summit)


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  1. Wednesday, 5pm Room 213, near the windows. I'll send email out shortly

  2. I am not in Barcelona, and would like to know how Daisy4nfv as an installer to allocate PODs statically or dynamicaly. One POD should be enough for Daisy4nfv in Danube cycle.