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With the promotion of Lab as a Service to an official project, the Pharos Dashboard has been deprecated and mostly replaced by the LaaS dashboard
Phase 1 - By end of September

I. Get all lab resources defined into a central location

  • purpose is to show show what is available in a lab, capacity and utilization (as examples)
  • need documentation for lab owners on how to use Pharos Dashboard
  • need validator to validate POD (see below)
  • Tasks
    • define utilization metric (e.g. jenkins status, booking utilization)
    • define pod information (e.g. servers, networking) that will be shown on the dashboard
    • deploy the website / set up CI/CD process
    • use Intel labs as first lab to be included in the tool
    • define URL for  tool <something>
    • need to define JIRA tasks better by dividing tasks into smaller efforts
      • Currently we have PHAROS-26 and child tasks PHAROS-48, PHAROS-190

II. Integrate with Pharos Validator

  • Need the Pharos validator to verify a POD is pharos complaint
  • Need common way to define POD via configuration file (work with Genesis project through Validator effort)
  • Tasks
    • need common configuration files definition
    • need network configuration files for POD in the Intel lab
Phase 2

--need planning meeting

Wiki Clean Up Tasks:

1) add max's documentation

2) list of child pages to clean up

3) Intern mentor

  • need to define the mentor for this internship/Pharos project
    • initially Jose was working with Max, does Joes still want to be the mentor
    • Anyone else want to work on this project as co-mentor
  • idea: mentor should have more of a say in how things are done for the project
    • assuming mentor is working with community, getting feedback, etc


  1. Dashboard
    • clean out the data
    • read PDF details via admin interface
    • need help with Max for a few small changes
    • add Jack as admin to the dashboard
  2. available POD
    • Ericsson - 2 x vPOD
    • Intel - 1 POD
    • UNH - 6 x vPOD
  3. Tasks
    • clean up user guide --> move to Read the Docs
    • clean up JIRA tasks / WIki pages
    • define roadmap for future features
    • investigate LaaS intergration

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