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The Pharos Validator was an Intern project that has been completed and archived.
Phase 1 - By the end of september
  • Validate an existing lab setup

  • Congregate all documentation and clean it up

  • Tasks

    • Run the initial version under a real physical deployment scenario at the IOL labs successfully

      • The tool managed to pxe boot two nodes from within a virtual machine and run the validation tests over ssh. The results of the test were then sent back to the controller_vm and the test completed successfully (Also brought up some bugs with the hardware detection process regarding disk detection e.g. the tool thinking raid arrays are ssds)
    • Work with Intel to develop a "config file" for a test pod, to sanity check the config file format / requirements / structure.

    • Integrate with pharos repository
  • Integrate with the Pharos Dashboard

Phase 2 - Post Phase 1
  • Tasks
    • Integrate the network verification test (Relies on common network configuration file agreement)
    • Support ARM via a separate ARM initrd


All Questions and Discussion regarding the Pharos Validator tool can be found on this child page here: Pharos Validator Open Questions & Discussions

Wiki tasks:
  • Add documentation child page for validator 
  • Document exact standards that my tool tests against

  • Installation instructions/use instructions

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