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To ensure CI systems are stable while also being kept up-to-date with the latest Jenkins LTS release, the following process
and general timeline is proposed in order to smoothly transition from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7.


  1. New Jenkins system is created with new LTS version and configured to match the current Jenkins server.
  2. The new system and timeline of upgrade is announced to the Infra-WG. (Nov 20th. 2017)
  3. Any relevant issues mentioned in the change log between LTS version is discussed at the Infra-WG, while also being addressed on the new system.
    For example: There is a known bug when upgrading to 2.73.x of "Randomly occurring connection failures with passphrase-protected ed25519 SSH keys".
    So we would ensure that the new system isn't using ed25519 SSH keys.
  4. A selection of PODs are connected and some selection of jobs are manually triggered. (Nov 27th - Dec 9th 2017)
    This ensures all relevant plugins work and job configurations are correct, and PODs still work when connected to the new system

  5. If the system appears to be in order, the Infra-WG will pass along a recommendation to the TSC. (Dec 18th 2017)
  6. The TSC greenlights the transtion. (Dec 19th 2017)
  7. A downtime window is scheduled to switch the backend server for to the new host. (Jan 6th 2017)


Nov 20th, 2017New Jenkins system is created and configured to match the current Jenkins system
Nov 20thNew system and upgrade timeline is shared with the Infra-WG
Jan 9th - Jan 19thSome PODs are connected and jobs are run to verify Jenkins works as intended,
and any job issues are addressed.
Jan 22ndIf system is working as intended, Infra-WG passes along a recommendation to TSC
Jan 23rdTSC agrees/votes on transition. Downtime window is proposed
Options: Jan 27th, Feb 3rd, Feb 10thDowntime window is scheduled and DNS is switched to new server.
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