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The objective of the Kuberef project is to develop and deliver a Kubernetes-based reference implementation according to CNTT RA-2 in close collaboration with the CNTT RI-2 workstream.

There is a strong demand for a Kubernetes-based reference implementation (RI-2). In particular, it serves as a foundation for

  • verifying design decisions and assumptions of RA-2,
  • selecting and validating test cases for the RC-2 workstream and OVP 2, and
  • serving as a reference platform for CNF vendors to develop and test against.

The reference implementation should be hosted in OPNFV to facilitate the development work as follows. The project...

  • acts as a home for implementation specific discussions beyond the reference specs defined in the CNTT RI-2 workstream,
  • provides a project repository for code,
  • is a consumer of OPNFV CI/CD resources (Jenkins jobs) and community labs.

The RI-2 implementation will be based on Intel's Bare Metal Reference Architecture for Kubernetes which was brought forward to CNTT as an official contribution proposal in March 2020.

Relationship to CNTT and RA-2 requirements:

The project does not intend to define requirements relevant to CNTT. Instead, if experimental evidence shows that requirements in RA2 need to be add / modified / removed, this information is forwarded to the RA-2 workstreams in CNTT. Specifically:

  • CNTT RA2 owns all requirements
  • If RI2/RC2 discover requirements gaps/corrections/updates, then submit requirements proposal to RA2
  • Requirements proposals are submitted as an Issue in CNTT Github for the RA-2 workstream

All end-user facing documentation will be hosted in the RI-2 specification hosted in CNTT's github repository.

Committers and Contributors:

In order to contribute to the project, please contact Rihab Banday. The project links can be found below.

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