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What About Feature X?

Lab as a Service is very new, and we are all working very hard to implement new features. Please add your feedback to our etherpad or to the LAAS Jira.

I cannot connect to the vpn

Please first make sure that you can reach our vpn server, eg

If you can ping the vpn server, but cannot establish a vpn connection, a firewall is likely to be the culprit. Please verify that there is not a firewall on your network that will block the vpn connection.

There is something wrong with my server

If something happens to your server, such as the networking getting misconfigured, the dashboard allows a way for you to reset your machine.

  • Go to
  • Select "details" on the booking you want to modify
  • Scroll down to your host machine and select "Change/Reset" next to the image
    • You will be asked which image you want to use to reinstall your machine with.

This will reinstall the operating system of your machine. This should fix any issues, but will also erase anything you had running or stored on the machine.


  • Support is provided during normal business hours (assuming the USA East Coast time zone.)  Support outside of those hours is provided on a best effort basis only.

  • Support requests might take up to 24 business hours to be completed, depending on the request.

  • For support, please contact

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