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General Description:

Building on the success of VCO Demo 1.0 (enterprise and residential services) and VCO Demo 2.0 (mobile services), we are now exploring at VCO demo 3.0 that could expand into areas such as Full 5G, Cloud Native, and Edge. 

VCO Demo 3.0 Description

Under development

VCO 3.0 Slides

See the Current Slide Deck (VCO 3.0 Showcase)


We are using mailman for group communications. You can sign up and manage your subscription here:

Slack workspace

Join the Slack workspace from any device.  

Ping Hanen Garcia Gamardo <> with any questions. 

Call Schedule 

Currently bi-weekly on Wednesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 AM PT.

San Diego Participants

We need to know who will be in attendance in person in San Diego for On-site POP configuration and testing, booth duty, and presence during the keynote. Please indicate on the VCO Demo Wiki page if you will be in attendance:

Call Bridge

Description:Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap :
    US: +16699006833,,7223692829# or +16465588656,,7223692829# 
Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): 
        US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656 or +1 877 369 0926 (Toll Free) or +1 855 880 1246 (Toll Free)
    Meeting ID: 722 369 2829
    International numbers available:

Europe Lab with OAI/Eurecom (Sophia Antipolis, France):

Eurecom 5G Experimental Site Slide Deck

Lab ElementsDetails
Lab OverviewIndoor/outdoor FR1 (below 6GHz) radio experimentation site. Available technologies, 4G LTE (Band 38), 5G NR (Band n78), 4G LTE-M (Bands 14 and 68). CumulusOS switching fabric. OpenShift VIM. Remote ONAP-based orchestration. Interconnection with 5GPPP ICT-17 5G-EVE.
Contact PersonRaymond Knopp, EURECOM
Remote Connectivityvia ssh on jump server for VCO3.0 partners. VPN access for ONAP orchestration and management of computing resources.

Onboarding Info


North American Lab with Kaloom (Montreal, Canada):

Lab ElementsDetails
Lab OverviewKaloom SDF Switching Fabric, Lenovo Servers
Contact PersonAdrian Stroila, Kaloom
Remote ConnectivityOpenvpn

Onboarding Info


Datacenter in an ISO Container with Loodse (shipped anywhere in the world)

Rack ElementsDetails
11 Racks19“ standard racks 230V (could be 110V as well)
Power Supply2*400V 300A; 200kW of possible consumption
HardwareSame as listed below

On-Prem Demo Rack with MiTAC/Circle B (Antwerp/Amsterdam)

Rack ElementsDetails

Wiring and Configuration, VM, Baremetal and Machines requirements spreadsheet, Lab information (Based on 2.0, needs to be updated)

Topology Information (Based on 2.0, may need to be updated)

Hardware and software components  (Based on 2.0, may need to be updated) See which HW was used in the VCO 2.0 Demo here.

If your organization is willing to volunteer the following components, please indicate that below. Please re-configure chart as necessary.





Europe or NorAM?


Jump ServerSupermicro serverEURECOM
EuropeProvides SSH network to computing nodes and switching fabric.
Leaf Switches

Barefoot Tofino

NorAMCan provide hardware and software for the switch fabric
Spine SwitchesBarefoot TofinoKaloom
NorAMCan provide hardware and software for the switch fabric
Switch SoftwareKaloom SDFKaloom
NorAMCan provide hardware and software for the switch fabric
Leaf Switches
MellanoxYesEuropeOAI Lab
Spine Switches
MellanoxYesEuropeOAI Lab
Switch Software
CumulusYesEuropeOAI Lab

6 ;high-end Dell Servers (36 core Xeon Gold 6154)


Minimum Requirements: 12-18 Dual-socket, 12-core/socket servers with 256GB memory per compute node.

More compute nodes will be added at the end of 2019.

FirewallGi-FW, GTP-FW A10 NetworksYesNorAmContainer based GiLAN and Roaming Firewall Network Function
CGNATCarrier Grade NAT Network FunctionA10 NetworksYesNorAmContainer based Advance Carrier Grade NAT Networks Function 
Multi cluster orchestration for Kubernetes KubermaticLoodse

In the demo, we want to show how to install and operate a multi-site and multi-cluster Kubernetes platform from a central location. Each worker cluster manages local resources on a specific site while still being managed from a centralized single pane of glass. The idea is to show a blueprint for how providers could manage 100x or even 1000x Kubernetes clusters in a centralized fashion and have the ability to build their own Kubernetes-as-a-service platform offering.
Base Compute OSRHELRed HatYesEurope and NorAM

RHEL with RT



Red Hat


Europe and NorAMRed Hat Open Shift for Container Management and Orchestration.
NG-CoreUltra-MCisco ??NorAMNeeds Confirmation


Affirmed??Europe and NorAM

Needs confirmation

 Service Assurance

NetScoutYesNorAM and Europe

Container implementation of Netscout exists today

Service AssuranceSA FrameworkRed HatYesNorAM and EuropePlanned
Demo User Equipment, per location

5G Phone/UE(s): - n78 b38 for OAI site

-mmwave (band TBD) FWA site(s)

Europe (OAI 5G)

NorAm (mmwave)

Demo site


Prefer to use commercial vendor UEs, whenever possible to demo interoperability, like in VCO 2.0 demo - any phone should be Android based, e.g. potentially Galaxy S10 5G for (need to check the bands compatibility/availability).
Radio Equipment HW (Basestation / Network side) 4G/5G Radio units



1 16-antenna 4G/5G cell site (80 MHz in band n78, 20 MHz in band 38) ~ 500m coverage in one sector

Indoor RRU network in band 38 (20 MHz)

LTE/LTE-M/NB-IoT cells in bands 14 and 68 (10-15 km coverage in one sector)

MEC Software
MobilEdgeX ?

Need Confirmation
vIMS/VoLTEClearwaterMetSwitch???NorAMTo be confirmed


  • k8s+Ansible  (Simple)
  • ONAP (Advanced)

Aarna Networks

Aarna can install ONAP and assist with ONAP related tasks to deploy and automate the network service

RU - DU - CU split vBBU SW (4G –> 5G NR)OAI 4G/5G RAN softwareEURECOM/OAI
Europe & NorAMOAI code to be use in all locations where ever needed for DU and CU
Real-Time Object Recognition Software

Open Source software - e.g. YOLO is a potentially good candidate: – needs NVIDIA GPU enabled HW for RT recognition
Drone HW with 1080p camera

Cellular modem??
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