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Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: CORD
  • Proposed name for the repository: cord

Project description:

  • The OpenCORD (r) project has delivered a number of deployable, usecase-specific NFV platforms based around many of the same core platform components integrated into OPNFV reference platforms, including OpenStack and ONOS. OPNFV in contrast has established a strong program focused on continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) and testing of generic (usecase-independent) reference NFV platforms. As OPNFV extends these generic reference platforms with full VNF lifecycle automation capabilities, the time is perfect for the OpenCORD platform variants (M-CORD, R-CORD, E-CORD, A-CORD) to be supported under the OPNFV CI/CD and testing program. This will also support the LF goals for project infrastructure convergence, enabling cross-project CI and optimizing resource infrastructure efficiency.

  • Through this project, CORD will be brought into OPNFV as a whole, i.e. as a black-box network cloud solution for the current CORD usecase variants. It will be positioned initially as a standalone cloud deployment, similar to current OPNFV reference platforms, and over time integrated as a hybrid cloud solution for multi-site scenarios.

  • The CORD variants will be added as OPNFV scenarios over time, and prioritized based upon the supporting members and resources they can bring to setting up the scenarios. Resources that will be needed include:
    • Generic PODs per the Pharos specification: minimum two PODs are recommended

    • CORD variant access HW: one set of access HW per Pharos community lab, or a means to integrate remote access HW into Pharos labs (TBD if possible)

    • Scenario developers/maintainers

  • In the short term, as needed we will leverage existing OpenCORD member POD resources, and timeshare them with ongoing CORD development activity.
  • As only the VNFs and access hardware (HW) differ across CORD variants, the access HW independent core of CORD will be run on generic OPNFV Pharos specification PODs, and integrated into the CORD variant access HW to create complete CORD deployments. Running the CORD core on generic OPNFV PODs will expand the set of NFVI HW environments in which CORD is tested (e.g. compute/network HW and network configurations), and optimize POD resources. Where the CORD access HW is deployed and how it is integrated with the CORD core on OPNFV PODs is TBD.

  • As part of this black-box solution, XOS will be deployed as the OpenStack distribution customized for use in CORD clouds, initially with its native VNF orchestration capabilities, and over time integrated into the ONAP VNF lifecycle automation platform. ONAP integration will provide the opportunity to develop hybrid cloud scenarios including CORD and other clouds e.g. existing OPNFV scenarios or public clouds.

Note: CORD and OpenCORD are registered trademarks of ON.lab and used in OPNFV by permission. 


  • The project will integrate CORD scenarios into OPNFV CI/CD and testing.


  • Initially, existing CORD test frameworks will be used.
  • Over time, CORD scenarios are intended to support all OPNFV testing programs.



  • None

Committers and Contributors:

  • Bryan Sullivan, AT&T
  • Aimee Ukasick, AT&T
  • ...

Planned deliverables:

  • The project will package CORD installer code and other project code as needed for CORD deployment/testing.

Proposed Release Schedule:

  • First release in Euphrates

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Key Project Facts

Project Name: CORD
Repo name: cord
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: Bryan Sullivan, AT&T
Project Lead: Bryan Sullivan, AT&T
Jira Project Name: Same as Project name 
Jira Project Prefix: CORD
mailing list tag [Should match Jira Project Prefix] 

*Link to TSC approval: 
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