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OPNFV CI Meeting
1. Mon, Oct 27, 2:00 PM ?

2. telephone.?United States (Long distance): +1 (571) 317-3112,
Access Code: 306-168-597


Project Proposal in Word Format using Changemarks to identify the proposals:


Meeting Minutes

The proposals about project split and tasks that are done by different inputs were discussed.

The proposals are valuable, but it is now more important to get the main work of the project started. Therefore we will not spend time to refine all those details in the project proposal now, but create a proposal on the level of a problem statement and do the refinement in the project itself.

Action Point to Uli to provide such problem statement and new project proposal until end of the week. The review period for the CI project should then start.

Proposal for Problem Statement

Here is a first proposal, that can be discussed in the TSC meeting on Oct.28:

OPNFV will use many upstream open source projects to create the reference platform. All these projects are developed and tested independently and in many cases, not have use cases of other projects in mind. Therefore it is to be expected that integration of these projects will unveil many hidden problems in upstream projects and thus testing the OPNFV use cases which need the interworking of many upstream projects will bring major benefit to the community.

Therefore the goal of the CI project – Octopus – is to quickly provide prototype integration of a first set of upstream projects. Step by step this later will be evolved to a full blown development environment with automated test and verification as a continuous integration environment, supporting both, synchronization with the parallel evolutionary work in the upstream projects, and the improvement of NFV support in this reference platform.

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